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Friday, 19 October 2012

Celtic Challenge 10

Celtic Challenge 10

These celtic designs present a different problem to most creative doodling activities, as the interwoven lines can be narrow and hard to decorate. I have decided that now and then I will also add some narrow continuous patterns to help you decorate your work. I have two new patterns today. 



You do not have to use them with my Challenge, you can use whatever patterns you like. 

You can also take my patterns and change them to make them you own. Just decorating the pattern or colouring it differently from the way I have, will make all the difference.

This week I have used a design with very basic shapes and wide interwoven lines. Decorate it however you like.

Below is the sample I have decorated. I only decorated the wide interwoven lines, but do not let that stop you decorating the background as well if you like. 

 I could not make up my mind in which direction I liked it so have shown you the worked sample in mirror reverse. You can decide which way you want it.