Monday, 17 August 2015

Designing Pictures with Stencils 2

No. 2 for those who like to colour.

I have used the same stencil as I did in the previous post. 

1.This time I traced around the whole stencil with a pencil. I then kept moving the stencil and tracing around the flowers until the whole page was filled.

2. I then drew pairs of wavy lines across the page in different directions.

3. Using markers I coloured in the design.

4. I used a black fine line marker to then do the outlines.

Stencils can be used in a variety of ways to get many different effects and be used in many different crafts. 

As I have time I will post more examples of what you can do to decorate using stencils. 


a. Stencils are a great confidence builder when you are unsure about your drawing abilities.

b.They also help those who can draw to achieve a vast amount of work in a much quicker time.

c. Stencils improve your accuracy if you want to do exactly the same design over and over again.

d. Whatever craft you are into stencils can be used to help with your design. I have seen stencils used as a basis for crosstitch, tapestry, quilting and applique, painting, drawing, furniture decoration, zentangles and doodling just to name a few. On one of my handpainted shoe designs I used a stencil. Your options are limitless. 

e. Be creative with a stencil and it will not look the same every time you use it. Check the blog previous to this one to see a different way I used the same stencil that created the design above.

(but you can add doodling if you want)

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