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Monday, 30 July 2012

Celtic Knots


Marilyn B asked me about how I draw Celtic Knots.

I first started by downloading celtic knot outlines off the internet and doodling into the spaces. The celtic knot that I did the Creative Doodle Pattern 'Ziggy' into is a design I down loaded off the internet.

Once I saw how interesting these designs were I looked up youtube to find out how to draw them. These are a number of different methods portrayed. The one I found the simplest is the method used by Patrick Gallagher a Celtic Artist. 

The first video I would suggest you look at is "How to draw a Freestyle Celtic Knot" by PGCELTART. This video instruction is right up the alley of Creative Doodlers and Zentanglers alike. I have added the link to this youtube video below. I would also suggest you look at some of his other videos on Celtic Knots.

Below are some Celtic Knots I have decorated just to get you in the mood.