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From School Teaching to Art and Craft Representative I have learned that I love to teach Art & Craft and see the joy that discovering their creativity brings to people's faces. I live in Queensland Australia & love the laid back lifestyle and the crazy Aussie sense of humour.

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My favourite trend? Teaching those who think they have no artistic or creative ability to discover they have.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

A couple of days ago I posted a piece about not letting others and yourself prevent you from following your dreams.
If you really want to start that process, then you have to admit to yourself what that or those dreams are. You can't follow them, if you are unsure that is what you really want.
Once you know what that dream is then you can plan you journey.
One of my dreams was becoming an artist. Some people have said to me after my post that they always thought of me that way, but I did not. So I was really not earnestly heading in the direction of making it a professional side of my life, it was just a hobby. But my real dream is to become a professional artist, and earn an income that will support me for the rest of my life. By the way I believe artists never retire and I don't want to retire. I would like to go with a paintbrush in my hand.
Since I decided that I was an artist, I have produced two books, some stencils soon to be released and am working on many other projects. I get up every day happy in the knowledge that I am following this dream at last, and I am on the path to making it a reality.
I must say though that I am in the extremely wonderful position to have people in my life that support and encourage me every step of the way. This is an asset beyond measure and an extremely important gift that everyone needs in their life. Value and support those people always, they will rejoice with you in the good times, and carry you through the bad times, nothing in life is all roses.
For those who have an unsatisfied dream, I ask you to start on the first step of your journey.
1. In the comments below name what you would like to have or become.
2. Start planning how you will achieve this. (Don't get too rigid, my plans change daily as more opportunities present themselves. You don't want to miss an opportunity but you do need a plan).
3. Work out your support network. Who of your friends and family will encourage and support you. Some will have knowledge, contacts & other things, that will help on this journey. Don't be afraid or too stubborn or full of pride to ask for help. If you get a no then they are not in the network, move on.


Saturday, 18 April 2015



 I hope this helps someone else. I self published my first book at 61years old, when I am a carer for my husband (therefore my ability to get out is restricted), with a very limited income and a number or health issues. Over the last 40 years I have written numerous craft books but never published. I had always wanted to be an artist, but kept making excuses - time, money, not good enough etc.
I found out recently than an artists is someone who creates their art every day, not someone who is recognised and makes a lot of money from art (they are just successful artists). It took them a long time and a lot of criticism and disappointment to get there.
Faced with the fact that I have lived most of my life, I realised if I was ever going to do anything about being an artist I have limited time left, so start now or give up the dream.
Considering my current situation, the only thing that stopped me before was MY OPINION OF THE SITUATION AND MY ESTIMATE OF MY ABILITIES. I could have started this journey 40 years ago if I had been more determined and listened less to others.
Start your creative and artistic career today there is really nothing to stop you but yourself. You know what you want and you know deep down what you could be capable off, no one else does, so don't listen to others, GO FOR IT.

Friday, 10 April 2015


'Ornation Creation' Facebook Group
Ben Kwok is a very talented artist. He generously uploads one beautiful outlined design to doodle into every Monday in his Facebook Group 'Ornation Creation'.
This group is a public group open to anyone who likes to doodle/zentangle/zendoodle or what ever you want to call your repeat pattern decorating. 
Below is a Ben Kwok Outline that I have coloured and Doodled.
There are lots of beautiful outlines for you to download in his files, for those looking for more inspiration. The members are also a great group of people who you can enjoy and share your love of doodling with.
Here is the link to this facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/171809746345318/


Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Doodling Patterned Paper
Have you ever considered Doodling Patterned Paper. If you are a Scrapbooker, Card Maker or into Journalling, then this could be a way to have original Patterned Paper for your projects.
I started playing with this idea on some scraps of paper and here are some of the patterns I have done so far.
The last one I did a long time ago. I drew a Celtic Knot Frame onto patterned paper, and then decorated the frame with doodle patterns and used the pattern inside the frame as part of the doodling as well.
If you would like a challenge. Find some decorative paper that inspires you and doodle over it, either to make a new doodle repeat pattern or to doodle a picture.
Post your finished works in the Mr Linky below for us all to be inspired. Thank you.