Sunday, 16 August 2015

Designing Pictures with Stencils

Designing Pictures with Stencils

I have started to design a range of stencils, to be used for various reasons such as repeat patterns (doodle patterns), mandalas, celtic knots and basic pictures. 

The stencils are being cut at present. Once ready I will post them on Etsy for sale for those who are interested. 

Here is my first offering. I used this little stencil to create the picture above.

Steps to Create the picture above.

1. Position the stencil onto your watercolour paper. Using watery paint (I used Twinks) paint in the background in a variety of colours.
2. Remove the stencil. Put more paint onto the brush and flick it over the picture to create splatters in each of the colours you used to paint the background.
3. Let the picture dry completely.
4. Using Sakura Pigma Micron .01 & .03. & Posca Paint Pens 1 in Black & White I then doodled & outlined over the flowers and background to create this picture.
5. Using the same background colours, then come back with a less watery, darker consistency of paint to colour in the center of each of the petals on the flowers, so that they stand out from the background.

This stencil of 'Scattered Flowers' is 6" x 6" or 15 x 15cm. It will be retailing on Etsy at $6.00 plus postage. 

You can pre-order this stencil by messaging me on Facebook - Judy Lorraine West 
or email me at


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