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Friday, 28 September 2012

Celtic Challenge 7

Celtic Challenge 7

I was very impressed with the people who met last weeks challenge. There was some beautiful work produced. You have wonderful imaginations as well as doodling skills.

Below is your Celtic outline for this week. I am not issuing any challenge other than to have fun with it.

Below is my attempt at this challenge.



  1. Judy,

    With this challenge I sure had some fun. I like to do flower shapes, so this one was more than welcome to do. Thank you for challenging. Have a nice weekend ! :)

  2. I struggled a bit with this challenge, as you can read at flickr. Next time I must look carefully at your drawing first, before I start doing mine, hahaha.
    I manage to take me all the way through my spiral and finish it. It was really fun, thank you Judy!

  3. Judy, your tile is lovely, I struggled a bit with this one. I should have tried what you did and kept the knot white and tangled inbetween.

  4. This was done quite quickly and isn't really "clean" enough. I was relieved to find there were only 6 sections, so my chances of getting round the circle without too many slips of the pen were better!

  5. Loved this pattern! I love the stained-glass effect of yours- just beautiful! :)