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Friday, 14 September 2012

Celtic Challenge 5

Celtic Challenge 5

A challenge to me is not just trying something new, but something new that you are not sure you can do. It stretches your skills, your knowledge or your physical ability. Once you have completed the challenge you can do something you have never done before. It makes you feel like you have achieved, you feel more confident and are excited about the prospect of trying more challenges.

I hope the challenges I post make you feel that way.

These challenges stretch me also, as I have to try to come up with things that are achievable by a variety of skill levels and is of interest to the majority of people. That is why your comments are very important to me. It helps me judge what will challenge and excite you. 

Please leave me constructive and informative comments, and I will alway take them into consideration when posting new challenges.

The challenge to you this week is to use colour in your design. If you use colour often, use colours you do not normally use. If you do not usually colour your images, try it. 

The templates I am posting are a Mandala and a Celtic Mandela, I produced from it. You can do one or both of these.

Below is the Celtic Mandela that I produced for this challenge. At present I am experimenting with inks instead of Watercolour Pencils to add colour. My challenge is to get them to blend nicely. I am still having difficulty with them spreading when I add too much water, but I am very pleased with the results.

I am not however happy with the way my scanner is copying the colour at present. So this is not an accurate representation of what the original looks like. Sorry.

Below is the Mandala that I produced for this challenge.