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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Challange 87

I Am the Diva Challenge 87

Pinwheel of Peace

This challenge was lots of fun as I love to make things. I can see the grandkids having fun with this one when I show them. Thank you Laura for a fun Challenge and for a good cause also, Peace Day. To find out more about this Day which is celebrated on the 21st September. click on the I am the Diva Button button on the right of this page.

I painted the back of my Pinwheel with lots of different coloured inks. 

I doodled on the front of my Pinwheel.

Then I folded every second corner to the centre and fastened them in the middle.

I will just attached it to a stick and it is ready to catch the wind.



  1. Fabulous! I love the contrast.

  2. What a lovely art piece! I love black and white contrasted with color!

  3. Lovely. Nice idea to paint the backside in all sorts of colors.

  4. Love seeing the 3-d versions of zentangled pinwheels :) the colour makes a great contrast. lovely job :)

  5. Thank you all for your nice comments.

  6. Very pretty! I like the contrast of the colors, and the intricate black/white tangles.

  7. judy - i thought i commented on this yesterday, but i must have just read and not commented. oh well. i love it - what can i say? the colors are wonderful and the linework is excellent - it turned out great!

  8. This is gorgeous. Your colors are really beautiful, then your tangles a gorgeous flower--I would love to see this spin all together! Really beautiful!!

  9. Gorgeous, yep really gorgeous! Thanks for sharing how this beautiful pinwheel came to be!

  10. what a lovely and innovative idea. I think both front and back of your pinwheel are simply gorgeous.