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Sunday, 16 September 2012



Again I have converted Dare 23 from The Bright Owl Blog from a Mandala to a Celtic Mandala. This one was more of a challenge because I had to make all the ends link continuously. 

Erin from the Bright Owl is changing her Dare time from Friday to Saturday to fit in with her work and home schedule. I hope this works well for you Erin.

To help those who wish to change their work into a Celtic theme I will be adding a permanent page to this blogsite with the distructions. Also I will add a page with the distructions for using Gimp. Gimp I find useful for rubbing out the extra  lines once you have drawn the outlines for your celtic design. 

These are both earlier posts but it gets a bit hard to find when time goes on and more posts are added, so I will put them on their own page this week,  for your easy reference.

Below is my Celtic Mandala Dare 23:

I have had a request from Paula:

"I'm very intrigued by how you worked out the unders & overs for the Mandala. Still having trouble getting the hang of the Celtic letters & where to put the loopy or crossover bits. Think I'm missing some kind of fundamental principle here. What happens when the ends don't meet, does it always have to be a design that joins? I'm more & more fascinated by the knotwork & Celtic forms".

I am posting my reply to her and a copy of the original template so you and Paula can see the difference between the original and the celtic version of Dare 23 to see what I have changed to make it work. 

"Hi Paula, when the lines don't meet I either get rid of that line or add to it so that it joins to another line. I am always changing the original to make it fit to what I want it to do. I will add the original Dare 23 template to my post so that you can see what I have added to make it work."