Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Letter F Weekly Alphabet Pattern Series

Weekly Alphabet Pattern Series
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The Letter F
                      STEP 1                  STEP 2                      STEP 3                   STEP 4
    As you can see by the illustration above I have changed the way I lay out my pattern instructions. I hope you find this way easy to follow. I have been trialling this in my classes and have used this method of pattern step outs in my book, and most people seem to find it easy to follow. I would love to know what you think.
My book has been selling well. Thank you to those who have purchased a copy already. I am expecting to pick up the second print ruin this week as I am almost out of copies.
I am having trouble deciding what to do for my second book. The hard part is probably deciding what not to do. Here are some of my ideas, please give me some comments on what you would prefer to see next.
The a 2 z Alphabets Book 2.
Celtic Knot Designs
Mandala Outlines
The Basics of Creative Doodling
The first three books would be mainly outlines that you could copy and doodle into.
The last book would be an in depth  look at my version of Creative Doodling and how to design your own pictures to doodle into. It would be written with the person who cannot draw in mind, but there would be a lot to offer for the person who could draw also.
I would love to get your feed back on what you would like me to provide in the next book. If you have ideas other than what is listed above I would love to hear them also.
For those who have not bought my first book the link is below if you are interested.
You can purchase this book: HERE
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