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Friday, 2 November 2012

Celtic Challenge 12

Celtic Challenge 12

I have had a wonderful few days with my Great Grandaughter Kolbie, her mother Skye and her mother Wendy, visiting from Kingaroy. So I have not done a lot of doodling this week, but really enjoyed the distraction.

As I have had photographs on the brain I have designed a Celtic Frame this week.

 My challenge to you this week is to decorate the Celtic Frame I provided below or design one of your own. I have not added anything to my frame, but do not let that stop you if you wish. More doodle patterns, a verse or a photograph could really add to your design.

The patterns I used in the finished frame above are two of my own patterns. They are Zag and Multi. I only used the first 3 steps in Multi for the Frame above.

The distructions for these patterns are below.