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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Celtic Knot Challenge 2


As there seems to be so much interest in Celtic Knots I have decided to issue another challenge. I have listed instructions if you wish to draw your own. If you do not wish to draw it out then you can copy and paste the template below.

I would love to see your finished designs. Please leave a link below so we can all enjoy your work.

Happy Doodling.

As I am still working out how to use the Mr Linky Wizard I accidentally ended the Challenge 2 Linky so I have decided to add the Challenge 3 a day early.

  I am so sorry about that. 

If any of you have an entry for Challenge 2 that you have not posted yet just email it to me and I will post them. You only have until tomorrow Friday 31st August.

1. Faith
2. Steph S
3. Aquarius
4. Fiona D
5. Lyn Phillips
6. Creating
7. Diana (Didisch)
8. Tanya
9. Aquarius
10. Paula Ponton (PEP)
11. Ninna
12. Cathy Cusson
13. seven


  1. Difficult. I used the string provided, otherwise I would probably have given up. I'm not really sure I enjoyed doing it.....

    1. I am impressed you had a go Faith. Good on you. I love to challenge people but do not want to turn people off. I appreciate your honest feedback.

  2. I will admit I will probably use a straightedge and radius template. Being a draftperson, I do insist on some perfection in my dwgs.

    1. I am not a purist. Whatever gets the job done is fine by me.

  3. I enjoyed this challenge and I like drawing the celtic knots even though my lines aren't as neat as they could be. The spaces to fill in were a bit small for aything detailed I found - I worked on a 3.5 inch tile.

    1. I only put this up to get you started. If you want to do my challenge and change the spacing, fine by me. I love that you had a go on such a small tile. I work in A5 which is 8 1/4" x 5 3/4" or A4 which is twice that size. I will try to post challenges that allow for more space on the tiles.

  4. Another fun challenge, I enjoyed drawing the knot freestyle, although you need to ignore a couple of wee mistakes I made. Thanks

  5. I am glad you enjoyed the challenge Fiona. I will try to keep you motivated.

  6. You started a very inspiring blog. Thank you for doing that. I will follow your blog and posted my first rendition.

  7. Thank you Creating for your feedback. I am having a great time doing it, so am very glad you are enjoying what I am posting.

  8. Thanks for this challenge Judy! I was so grateful for the template you provided - I've seen a lot of people drawing their own, so I'm going to try that, too :)

  9. Hey Judy Thanks for this challenge. I have had such fun drawing these knots, love it. I don't have a blog so don't know how to post pics. When are you coming to S.A. to teach us the finer points of zentangle????

  10. Thank you for the challenge! I read your blog all the time; thought it was time to communicate. I printed out your template but also appreciate the instructions for drawing one. :)

    1. I am glad you enjoy my blog. Let me know if you have any ideas to improve what I post.

  11. Thank you for the celtic knot! I really loved to do it, and added a little bit of colors to this time!

  12. Thank you for this wonderfull Blog and for this challenge.


  13. Thank you Ninna and Seven for your feed back. Let me know if you have any ideas to improve what I am doing.