Friday, 26 July 2013

Scrapbook Page and Tags

Scrapbook Page and Tags

I am getting items ready for a display I will be putting on at the Beenleigh Library. 

Creative Doodling is relatively unknown here in Queensland so I approached the local library. They have display cabinets in the library that local people can display things in for a month. I usually see all sorts of crafts and hobbies displayed there.

I was allowed to book the month of August and will be putting up the display on the 1st. I have been down to measure the size of the 4 shelves and have set out everything at home to ensure is will look good from any of the three glass sides.

I want to show that Creative Doodling can be used by many crafts people as a way to decorate, so have come up will a variety of things other than just drawings to be framed.

Today I worked on a Scrapbooking Page and some gift tags.

Here are the pics:

The page started as a blank white page. 

The letters are from my Wiggly Alphabet. I have them scanned into the computer individually, so that I can make words and print them out any size. I mounted the words onto black card.

The decoration around the picture is a frame I designed a long time ago. I also have it in my computer so that I can print it out any size. I cut out the center and put the picture behind to show through and also mounted it on black card.

I placed the words and frame onto the white paper with double sided adhesive tape. The flowers were ones I picked up from a craft show and I put them on with colored round brads.

The leaves and stems I drew on, colored with watercolor pencils and them doodled over. I them added the flowers with brads to this little garden.

The pink tag below is a piece of pink card that I punched out with a heart shaped whole punch. 

I them went around each heart as you can see with micron pen. I stuck the pink card to a slightly larger white card, and them to a slightly large black card to finish the pink, white and black theme. 
 I had a little heart on some paper that I cut out and placed at the top of the tag. I also doodled over that larger heart as well.
I also drew inside each heart on the white paper with black pen. 

I used the heart shaped whole punch to go through all 3 pieces of card at the center top. I collected an assortment of matching ribbons and threaded them through the heart shaped whole.

The Christmas tag is a piece of white card stuck to some slightly larger dark green card. The green and red criss-cross lines where some left over pieces I had in my stash of trash paper & card. I stuck them to the white card and offset them so that the red was lower and to the left of the green, giving a shadowed effect. 

I punched a whole at the top and put ribbon through and doodled inside each of the square shapes.

I will post more items as I make them.



  1. These are so beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for sharing

  2. I love these!! Want to learn to doodle, so glad I stumbled onto your blog!