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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Celtic Challenge 31

Celtic Challenge 31

I have a large challenge for you this time. I am going to give you a month to do it.

I have designed an intricate celtic design. It has 36 different segments. I am displaying it in the largest size I can to give you plenty of room to draw your patterns.

The reason for this is that intricate Celtic Designs are great to practice and store many doodle patterns that are useful for long narrow spaces. 

This finished design can then be used to refer to when trying to think of what patterns you will use in other projects that have long narrow spaces to fill.

Here is the pattern I have for you this time.

Most of the 36 patterns are my own designs, some are variations and some I have never posted before. I did a couple of other peoples designs that I really like, as I am going to use this design to refer to.

The challenge is to put a different pattern in each section and shade your design to emphasize the over and under weave. Those who have not shaded before, the shading goes right where the rope is going under. The top section should not be shaded. Look closely at my finished design and you will get the idea.

Choose patterns that you like, that are perfect for long narrow spaces.

Here is my finished Celtic Challenge:

Laurie Pess sent:

Elaine Bakker's students from Rye Beach Victoria sent:

Lois did this one.