Monday, 22 July 2013

ATC Online Swap 4 - Overlapping Shapes

ATC Online Swap 4

Hi all, you certainly sent me some lovely ATC's with the last swap.

This time I want you to choose a basic shape eg. square, triangle, heart, leaf.

Draw the outlines of your shape, overlapping some, weaving some etc. then doodle. You can color or shade them if you wish. 

Here is my example:

Below is the information you will need if you wish to participate in this swap.

Trading Card Size
An Artist Trading Card is 2.5" x 3.5" or 64mm x 89mm.

How to swap for "FREE".
I propose to set up the opportunity for people to email their finished work to me. I will post it onto my blog so that others can admire it, and copy it, if they wish. Do not send anything if you are not prepared for others to copy and paste to their computer to print out for themselves.

How to copy and save an image from this site.
A. Copy
1. To copy to Pictures, Word, or Publisher, right click on the image.
2. Click Copy image.
3. Open your chosen destination.
4. Right click mouse and choose paste.
5. Save or print the picture. 

B. Save image as
1. Right Click on image.
2. Choose Save image as
3. Click on Picture on the left side of screen to open.
4. Choose a folder if you want to and open it.
5. Enter a File name or accept the default one
6. Choose a Save as type or accept the default one.
7. Click save.

Name you ATC's
Please ensure you put your name in the email so that other will know who did the artwork. You can also put where in the world you are from as an added interest if you wish.

ATC Swap Email Address:
I will load your work onto this post as I receive it, for others to view and copy. To have it posted you need to send it to

Please send your design in jpeg or png format as I am no expert is using different formats and find these easy to upload to blogger.

ATC's sent for this Swap

Humna Sherif sent:

Zoe from Melbourne, Australia sent:

Dorothy Allison sent:

Jean Chaney sent:

Irina Zelenskay from Donetsk, Ukraine sent:

Efie Rekum-Derksen sent:


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  1. I discovered your blog only today and I think this is a gorgeous idea! I once did a virtual swap with someone half way around the world - it's a fun, fun experience.