Tuesday, 12 March 2013

New Patterns for Trading Cards

New Patterns for Trading Cards

I have been involved in a Trading Card Swap on Facebook. We had to draw up 24 Trading Cards. For those people like me who had never had anything to do with Trading Cards before, a Trading Card is a doodle of 2.5 x 3.5 inches, which is approximately 7 x 9 cm.

There were 25 people involved and we were sent their names and addresses so we could send each person on the list 1 card that we had designed. 

I am just about to send out the 24 Cards that I did. 

While doing these cards I came up with a lot more new doodle patterns. I intend to post a couple of cards at a time for you along with distructions of the new patterns I used.  

I hope you find these patterns useful.

Tangles Distructions

Ying & Yang Distructions

Ragged Rays Distructions

Pods Distructions

Peeps Distructions



  1. Your ATC's are beautiful Judy. Thank you for sharing your distructions on the lovely patterns you've used. I, too, am new to ATC's and jumped right in to that 24 card swap. Some of us just don't know how to do anything halfway, do we? lol. Looking forward to seeing more. Beth (Elizabeth Beveridge on FB).

  2. Lovely! Can anyone join?

    1. Hi Cricket, I sent you an email but I will let you know here that there is a group on Facebook that is called Zentangle Artist Trading Card Swap. That is what I was doing these cards for. The March Swap is the one I entered. They are taking names now for a June swap if you are interested.

  3. The ATC event sounds really challenging. First, though, thanks for the nice new patterns. I'm sitting here nursing laryngitis and have just decided on some strings to decorate this evening, so new patterns will be most useful.

    I've never tried trading cards, but really must. I look forward to seeing yours!

    I was going to send the last Celtic challenge in, but my cat got in first and did a little decorating of her own on it, so I'm going to try again this evening!

    Happy doodling!

    1. Are you giving me a new twist on 'the dog ate my homework', Faith. Hope you find the new patterns useful. Have a great weekend.

  4. I beg to differ! :)

    An ATC is a miniature work of art (such as you've shown above). I've been involved in a few swaps and have received many truly lovely, beautifully-crafted pieces. (I've also received a few that look as if they were thrown together in two minutes.)
    I just checked my list and we're in the same swap! We should be receiving a miniature masterpiece from each other! Yay!