Friday, 8 March 2013

Celtic Challenge 23

Celtic Challenge 23

Last fortnight I introduced a new way to draw simple Celtic Outlines ready to doodle. This next outline is a variation of the same construction.

Below is the finished design.

My patterns I have used here are:

Hilly - 2 variations
Sunrise - 2 variations

The other pattern I have used here is in the center.  I have used this pattern for a long time in many variations and I know I found it on the internet. I am unsure of its name, but if someone can let me know in the comments I will give credit where it is due, as this has been a very useful pattern for me.

Celtic Challenge 23 A

Copy the outline below and decorate it.
Celtic Challenge 23 B

Using the destructions below, draw you own celtic outline. It can be the same as mine or a variation.

Celtic Challenge 23 Drawing Distructions

1. Draw the whole design in pencil first.

2. Draw a square, but extend each side of the square a little at each corner.

3. Draw whatever shaped line your like coming from one of the extensions to the next extension on the same side.

4. Draw continuous parallel line beside both continuous lines in this diagram.

5. Now in ink mark where you want the intersections to cross. Remember to alternate over and under.

6. You are not ready to ink in the rest of the design and rub out the pencil guide lines. My finished outline is in section 23A above.

I hope you enjoy your challenge this fortnight. 


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