Friday, 22 March 2013

Celtic Challenge 24

Celtic Challenge 24

Well this is the last in the series of Celtic Knot Designs beginning with a square. 

My Patterns I have used here are:

Spiral Foliage             - a variation
Waves Crashing         - a variation
Worm Grass
Half Flower                 - a variation
Full Flower                  - a variation
Tangles                      - a variation
Zig Zag Centre           - new & a variation
Overgrown                 - new

Overgrown Distructions

Zig Zag Centre Distructions

Celtic Challenge A

Copy the outline below and add patterns and colour if you wish.

Celtic Challenge 24 B

Follow the distructions below to draw your Celtic Design. 
You do not have to follow my design exactly. Come up with your own variations if you wish. 

Draw in pencil a Square with each side extended past the corner.

Starting from one extension, draw a line to any of the other extensions. Repeat this step with all extensions.

Draw a continuous line parallel to the line in the diagram.

Draw the alternating cross over sections.

Redraw the whole diagram in ink and rub out any pencil lines that are showing.

Decorate your design.

Once you have your design finished, add it to my Mr Linky so that we can all enjoy the results.