Friday, 30 November 2012

Celtic Challenge 16

Celtic Challenge 16

This week I updated my Easy Celtic Knots page. I now call it 'How to Design Celtic Knot Patterns'. I still have the link to the youtube video about Freestyle Celtic Knots, because it is such a good video and that is where I got my inspiration, and I want to give credit to the person who got me started down this track.

I have added my own step by step distructions to this page, for those who do not want to stop and start a video on each step in order to try a Celtic Knot Design.

Your challenge this week is to design and decorate your own Easy Celtic Knot Pattern using only one continuous line. Use the instructions on my 'How to Design Celtic Knot Patterns' page to help you.

I have done one myself to give you the idea.

STEP 1 - draw one interesting continuous line.

STEP 2 - convert it to a celtic knot pattern

STEP 3 - decorate your pattern

I will post the distructions for the two new patterns I have used here tomorrow.

I will be making each challenge a bit more interesting and intricate each week until Christmas, so that by then you should be able to design amazing Celtic Knot Patterns and give me some more ideas. 

Although I have to say that many of you who take up my Challenges are already doing that. Your work and the ideas are wonderful. Thank you.




  1. Mine is far from fancy or perfect but it was a quick design. Thanks for the challenge!