Monday, 12 November 2012

Creative Doodling, Airbrushed Bookmark

Cutting up Doodle Designs into Bookmarks

Christmas is almost upon us and there is never enough time to do the little things. Do you have those friends you think about at Christmas and wish you had caught up with more during the year. Time gets away from all of us in our busy lives these days. How about adding a little something to that christmas card. If your friends like reading a Bookmark  comes in very handy. 

I decided this year I would add some bookmarks to the cards of friends who read. 

I cut up some pictures that I had already doodled, into bookmark size. The bookmarks I am showing you in this post is cut from the pictue "Up in the Canopy," that I showed in a previous post.

I have a corner cutter, so I cut rounded corners on each book mark. I think they look nicer that way.
 I sign the back of each bookmark and then Laminate them.
Here are the other 3 bookmaks I got from this one picture.



  1. Thoughtful little gifts that I am sure will be appreciated. What is a rounded corner cutter like and where did you buy it? I cut my own zentangle tiles from cold pressed water color paper and I think rounded corners would be nice on my tiles too.

  2. I have made bookmarks in the past, and I discovered that it's more fun to make a larger piece and cut it up, rather than trying to make a bookmark-size drawing.

  3. You are right Genevieve, that is what I found also. Much easier.

    Heather I got the corner cutter from a scrapbooking party plan called 'Creative Memories'. If you go online to look up online shop, scrapbooking tool and go to shape makers and punches you will find the 'Corner Maker'. Happy cutting.

  4. I got my corner cutter, actually two of them! Didn't like the shipping charges online so I went to our local craft supply store and found the punches in the scrapbooking section. Thank you again for pointing me in the right direction. :-)