Friday, 14 March 2014



Hi all, I have not been here for quite a while due to family commitments. Hopefully I will be able to resume my blogging now and bring you more ideas and activities.

I have been looking at what I can do with my Creative Doodling and have come up with some useful Ideas, I hope.

I have started to draw my letter designs into complete alphabets. The first one I completed is the Wiggly Alphabet. I have put it on Etsy for sale as a download HERE

I have kept the price low, to make it available to all who want it.

The download is a five page PDF. The first three pages are the large outline of the alphabet suitable for card making, journaling, scrap booking, making signs and name plaques etc.. The 4th pages is a small outline of the alphabet, suitable to cards, journaling and scrap booking. The last page is the same size as page 4 but with each letter containing a separate doodle pattern.

In this format you can print it as many times as you wish, on plain colours, white or decorative papers. The options are endless. 

The outline letters are not only useful for doodlers and zentanglers, but can be used by others crafters and artists.

I intend to post what I have done with my alphabet letters to give you ideas. I would also like to see how you use them. So please add you designs to the bottom of this blog.

Zoe Card

The first item I have made is this card for Zoe. I would also look nice in a frame as a name plaque.

I have not put measurements in the instructions as a named card will have different numbers of letters according to the name you choose, and you will need to size the card accordingly. 

I used card, paper, markers etc from the Kaszazz Range, which is a scrapbooking range available in Australia and other countries around the world. I am now a consultant, but you can go online to the Kaszazz site to find your closest consultant if you are interested in any of the products you see me using.

1. Print the small Wiggly Alphabet outlined letters onto heavy white cardstock the same color as your card.  Color each letter or add doodle patterns or both to match the decorative papers you intend to use.

I used Kaszazz Alchol Ink Markers. The colors I used in the letters are Logoon, Ocean & Wave. The flower Petals are in Blush with a hint of Grape for the shaded area and Sunflower for the centre. The leaves are in Moss and Spinach to shade. I then went over the outline again with a black permanent marker. 

I edged the card that the letters are printed on with another Kaszazz Alchol Ink Marker Ladybug.

2. Cut a plain paper to mat the patterned paper and glue them together. The colors I used are from the Terrace Garden Collection.
The SB Paper Vines the pink side and the SB Essentails (Card) Robin's Nest. Cut the plain paper/card slightly smaller than the front of the card, and cut the decorative paper smaller than the plain paper/card.

3. The flower decoration is made with the Daisy fabric flowers from Kaszazz. I used two size 7.5cm and one 4 cm. I colored one of the larger Daisies with Logoon for most of it and Ladybug on the tips of the petals. I then put the colored flower on top of the other 7.5cm Daisy and folded them in half. I folded the small flower in half and placed on top.

I used a needle and thread to give a few quick stitched in the centre to keep them the flower together.

I cut a small hole above the sitiching to put a brad through. I used a white brad and coloured it with Ladybug to match the rest of the card.

I cut a small rectangle of the SB Paper Butterflies and used the green side. I used the Ladybug Marker to color the edge of this paper and then the Paper Distresser from Kaszazz to roughen the edges to give more texture and interest.

I placed the brad with the half Daisy through the small restange of paper and spread the ends to secure.

I then glued all this to the bottom, centre of the card.

4. I used mounting tape to glue the letters to the top of the card, taking care to space them evenly. The raised letters add more interest.