Friday, 16 November 2012

Celtic Challenge 14

Celtic Challenge 14

I have decided to challenge you to a Celtic Stack this week.

A stack is a group of shapes stacked on top of each other.

A Celtic stack is a group of shapes woven together. 

You can choose to copy my stack outline, or make one of your own.

I decided to turn my stack sideways to make a little scene. You will probably see the glaring mistake I made while weaving my stack, but I left it there anyway.

The doodle patterns I have used are:
The Green Frame -      "Multi" on the inside 
                                    "Looped Edge" on the outside
The Pink Frame  -        "Hearts and Contours" on the inside
                                    "Outward Scallop" on the outside
The Turquoise Frame - "Heartly" on the inside
                                    "Zig-Zag" on the outside 
The Lavander Frame -  "Rollin in" on the inside
                                    " Inward Scallop" on the outside
The Yellow Frame -      "Little Hearts Border" on the inside
                                    "Under & Over" on the outside
I also added grass and flowers to the bottom, 3 flying birds to the top right and spiders and spider webs, to two frames.

I will post the distructions for the new patterns that appear hear tomorrow, for those who would like to try them. 


  1. I didn't make a note of the patterns. I don't think they all exist! Well...they do now:-)All very easy to construct and free to use!

  2. tweet II on those squares was great fun. Thanks for the great challenge, Judy!
    BTW today Wednesday is a palindrome (211112)so I included it!
    If you haven't come across that word before, it's something you can read in both directions e.g. don't nod. Go to this lively website for more word games:

  3. Hi, I have posted two drawings this time. I love doing stacks! I have photographed details of my drawings at flickr, if you are interested .
    Thank you Judy, more challenge of stacks, please :-)