Friday, 13 June 2014



Congratulations Laila, you are the winner of this givaway of my New Book.  Please email me with your address, so that I can forward your prize. You can contact me at

I would like to thank all those who participated, you did some wonderful work and gave me lots of ideas. 

Click onto Laila in the link below to see the winning Doodle.


I would like the let you all know that I have released my first book. I was asked a few weeks ago to demonstrate Creative Doodling at the Scrapbooking Expo in Brisbane. So I decided to bring out a book that would be useful for cardmaking, scrapbooking and journaling. 

Many people have emailed me since I started giving instructions about different alphabet designs asking for the whole alphabet. So this book has as you can see by the WHAT'S  INSIDE Page below, 7 complete alphabet outlines, with matching numerals, words and greetings,  borders and frames. There is 38 new doodle patterns included as well. 

I have also added a few completed letters, numbers etc to give ideas and inspiration.


I give permission in the book for you to scan and copy the designs as many times as you like for your own personal use. If you want to use any of the designs commercially you will need to contact me to discuss it.

The book is available for sale on my Etsy store at present. I am hoping to get a website going once a few of the other products I am designing are available. 


I have not issued a challenge in a long time and so to start off the challenges again and to celebrate my new book I have decided to give one away. 

Here is the challenge. It is a simple one this time. Below are the letters from the front cover 'A 2 Z'. Copy and paste them, print them out and decorate them however you like. Post them on my blog and I will pick a winner and mail them my new book. Please share this post on your blog or facebook to let others know about the challenge and also about my book. I would appreciate it.

Add your version of the 'A 2 Z' above, to the Mr Linky to participate in the challenge and to enter to win a book.

I will announce the winner in 2 weeks. You have until then to add your 'A 2 Z' Design to the Mr Linky below.


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Doodling Leather Shoes

Doodling Leather Shoes


How do you like my shoes? I doodled these for the scrapbooking Expo in Brisbane over the weekend. My friend Christine and I wore them each day of the show. Very comfortable and they created some interest. People had not seen doodled shoes before.
I added beads and a frog on mine and an owl on Christine's just to be different. Here are some more pictures.
I doodled these shoes with a Pilot Permaball Pen. They looked great for the first two days of the show but then it began to wear off in the creases. If anyone has suggestions for other pens that draw on leather and have a solid shiny appearance I would love to know what they are.
I was at the show to launch my first Creative Doodling Book. It is called "Creative Doodling with Judy West A 2 Z" It was specifically designed for this show for Card Making, Scrapbooking and Journaling. It is full of new patterns, decorative alphabets, numbers, words, borders and frames that would be perfect for decorating cards and pages.
I will be posting a lot more info about the book on Friday and I will be giving one away so make sure you check it out.