Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Detailed Alphabet Distructions

Detailed Alphabet

This is a very delicate looking alphabet, that is simple to produce. You can use colour if you wish, and use simple or detailed doodle patterns to decorate. 

Begin by tracing or drawing you letter in pencil.

 I used a stencil to draw the leaves and flowers.
Draw your leaves and flowers over or behind you letter.

 If you are changing the shape draw in pencil first. For example I made the centre of the flower rough, so I drew the centre in pencil and then went over it in pen to get my final finish. 

If you are drawing your shapes exactly as they are on the stencil, then draw in pen.

Be sure to remember whether you are having your leaves and flowers sit on top or behind the letter, and draw the parts of the leaves and flowers that you need to achieve this.
Draw the parts of the letter that is not hidden in pen.
Rub out any pencil lines that are left.
Add any detail in pen that you wish to your letter. I have added a centre line to the leaves and some shading on each petal.
Your letter is now ready to decorate with doodle patterns of your choice. I have used my doodle pattern Wavy Lines on the leaves and some overlapping wavy paralled lines for the background. I call the background pattern Slither'n, but I am sure I have seen it somewhere else done by others, I am just not sure where.

Here are some variations of this design done with the same patterns but each with a slight variation.

Below is my distructions and variations for "Slither'n".

If you would like to use whole alphabets in a project I have  complete outlines in my book "Creative Doodling with Judy A 2 Z". There are a number of Alphabets with their corresponding numbers form 0-9 as well as borders, words and frames to match. There a  many new doodle patterns included also to use in decorating these Alphabet Outlines.
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  1. When do you do all this lovely drawing Judy? Do you ever get any sleep? I love all these alphabets you create.

  2. Thank you Faith. I actually don't sleep well and instead of tossing and turning I get up and draw. I go back to sleep when I am too tired to draw. It works well for me as I feel like I have at least achieved something instead of lying there and doing nothing.

    1. That's a great idea for those of us who waste so much time lying awake at night! :)