Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Celtic Challenge 3


As I am still working out how to use the Mr Linky Wizard and accidentally ended the Challenge 2 Linky, so I have decided to make this the Challenge until Friday 7th September. 

I was posting this as distructions and added the Mr Linky and that stopped the challenge 2 link. So sorry about that. 

If any of you have an entry for Challenge 2 that you have not posted yet just email it to me and I will post them. You only have until tomorrow Friday 31st August.

Celtic Alphabet

Here is your opportunity to go crazy with the Celtic Knots. 

You can now design any of the 26 letters of the Alphabet or any numerals you like or make a word. 

The distructions below will give you the basics. 

In pencil outline or draw your letter or numeral.

On the ends of each part of the letter or numeral make your loop or cross-over.

You many not want to limit yourself to the ends.
 On a letter like 'O' there are no ends just thick and thin sections. You can do your cross-over on one or both of these sections on any of the letters your like.

Next draw a contour line around the inside of each shape.

Now draw a contour line around the whole outside of the letter.

In pencil (as this is the part when most people make their mistakes) join the gaps at each loop or cross-over alternating between crossing over and under until the whole letter is completed.
In pen draw over the whole letter ready for doodling and colouring.

Rub out all the pencil lines.
Your Celtic Letter is now ready for adding doodle patterns and colour if you want.

Here is how I decorated my Celtic Letter.

As I am very interested in seeing what you come up. 
Please add your designs to the link below.


1. Didisch
2. Didisch
3. Cathy Cusson
4. Fiona D
5. Ninna
6. seven

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Braided Alphabet Distructions


Draw or trace the letter in pencil.

In pen add evenly spaced wavy lines from the top to the bottom of the letter. This is the Braid you will decorate later.  Leave some space between some of the braid.

Draw a scalloped line along the outer edge of each side of each piece of braid. Filled in each scallop with solid colour

Your setup for adding doodle patterns is now complete. You can decorate your braid as you wish.

Here is how I decorated my piece of braid.

I rubbed out the pencil line in the spaces between the braid. I also liked the red and black look, so this is my finished letter. 


Sunday, 26 August 2012

Using Gimp


I did a photo editing course a few years ago and found out about a magic free download called GIMP. This program allow you to make changes to your photos and drawings. I can only use the basics but after just going on line to youtube, I found it can do an lot of things now that I 
did not even know about.

I use mainly the rubber to edit out bits I don't want in drawings I  will be placing on facebook, flickr or my blog. I have never bothered to learn to draw on the computer as I cannot afford the expensive programs I would need, and I prefer the feel of a pencil, pen and paintbrush in my hand, but I have used this editing program and find it useful.

The good part about GIMP is that it is a FREE DOWNLOAD. 

The link below shows you how to use the rubber I used in gimp to erase the bits I did not want, and other things. I hope you find it helpful.

This is how I edited the Dare 20 Design.

This is the Dare 20 template that was posted by the Bright Owl blog this week.

I got this far in my Dare 20 design and decided I liked it so far. I scanned it into my computer and saved it in my pictures. I opened Gimp and opened Copy 1 in Gimp. I then erased the rest of the template design that I had not filled in. I then saved this version.


I then went back into my pictures and made a copy of Copy 1. By doing that I did not have to erase what I had in Copy 1 to get to this design. I then went back into Gimp and erased the four pieces that make it look like a cross. I then saved this version.


I then went back into my pictures and made a copy of Copy 2.
I then went back into Gimp and erased the outer design leaving only this section of the design. I then saved this version.

This is the finished design.

I am considering making originals of the other 3 designs and framing them together like a progression of work. Using gimp to see what it would look like first, saves me a lot of time producing work I may or may not want to frame.

I hope this was helpful.


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Celtic Knot Challenge 2


As there seems to be so much interest in Celtic Knots I have decided to issue another challenge. I have listed instructions if you wish to draw your own. If you do not wish to draw it out then you can copy and paste the template below.

I would love to see your finished designs. Please leave a link below so we can all enjoy your work.

Happy Doodling.

As I am still working out how to use the Mr Linky Wizard I accidentally ended the Challenge 2 Linky so I have decided to add the Challenge 3 a day early.

  I am so sorry about that. 

If any of you have an entry for Challenge 2 that you have not posted yet just email it to me and I will post them. You only have until tomorrow Friday 31st August.

1. Faith
2. Steph S
3. Aquarius
4. Fiona D
5. Lyn Phillips
6. Creating
7. Diana (Didisch)
8. Tanya
9. Aquarius
10. Paula Ponton (PEP)
11. Ninna
12. Cathy Cusson
13. seven

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Ornate Scrolled Alphabet Distructions

Ornate Scrolled Alphabet

I was in a very decorative mood for this one.
I hope you enjoy it.


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Fiddly-Out-Line Alphabet Distructions

Fiddly-Out-Line Alphabet

This design is a little time comsuming but I think it is well worth the time spent. It gives a very delicate look to the chunky letters.


Friday, 17 August 2012

Bee Utiful Alphabet Distructions



Dare 19

Dare 19

Erin's Dare 19 is particularly interesting this week as it is a circle made of squares. I was not sure how I would approach this as I like to make changes to the original design without deleting any of the original. 

This is the original template.

I hope you like my interpretation.

If you wish to have a try at this Dare yourself then you can follow this link


Monday, 13 August 2012

Freestyle Celtic Knot Challenge

Freestyle Celtic Knot

I previously posted an item giving you a link to how to draw Freestyle Celtic Knots on Youtube. Below is the link if you would like to view it again.

I have since draw some basic distructions and am presenting a challenge to you to have a go at your own celtic knot design.

Below is my distructions:

I have already had a go and this is my example from the distructions above. I call it 'Celtic Tangles'.

 I would really love to see what you have designed. You can either follow my directions exactly or use your own string design to turn into a Celtic Knot. 

I will be posting a Challenge once a week from now on and I would appreciate to hear from you guys which day suits you best. Please leave a comment to let me know.