Friday, 2 November 2012

Celtic Challenge 12

Celtic Challenge 12

I have had a wonderful few days with my Great Grandaughter Kolbie, her mother Skye and her mother Wendy, visiting from Kingaroy. So I have not done a lot of doodling this week, but really enjoyed the distraction.

As I have had photographs on the brain I have designed a Celtic Frame this week.

 My challenge to you this week is to decorate the Celtic Frame I provided below or design one of your own. I have not added anything to my frame, but do not let that stop you if you wish. More doodle patterns, a verse or a photograph could really add to your design.

The patterns I used in the finished frame above are two of my own patterns. They are Zag and Multi. I only used the first 3 steps in Multi for the Frame above.

The distructions for these patterns are below.





  1. judy - i teach zentangle to a home school group of about 14 students. i set them up a facebook page to keep track of homework and tiles that they draw. this is an easy way for them to share their art with their families. today i included a link to your blog and i shared your patterns for Zag and Multi. i hope some of them will try your celtic challenge! thanks for doing this for us. i am going to have a go at this week's this afternoon - hopefully :) the facebook page is called Treasured Tangles. they love comments on their art - we are just getting started so there isn't much on the page yet, but there will be :)

  2. Hi Judy, i don't know what happend, but i tryed again and i think this works right?

  3. haha.. Carmela.. heb op alledrie geklikt .. haha.. en ja de derde linkt werkt.. bij 1 kreeg ik de melding "geen toegang met jouw account" en bij 2 "link bestaat niet" :D.. mooie tangle trouwens.. leuk die bloempjes in de kleine tussenruimtes van de knoop! :D