Thursday, 22 November 2012

Aztec Alphabet

Aztec Alphabet

Another very easy alphabet to draw.

Draw or trace the outline of your letter in pencil.

Add the contour lines that follow the shape of one side of your letter in pen.

Add the scrolls in pen. Filling in the areas between the contour shapes and the pencil outline.

In pen fill in  the gaps left by the scrolls with shapes that follow the contour of the gap.

After rubbing out any pencil lines that are left, your letter is now ready for you to add, doodle patterns, shading, colouring or whatever other decoration you like.

I added shading, my doodle pattern "Flaming Zig-zag" and some solid fill to the letter above to finish my decorating.

 "Flaming Zig-Zag"

If you would like to use the whole alphabet in a project I have the complete outline in my book "Creative Doodling with Judy A 2 Z". There are a number of other Alphabets with their corresponding numbers form 0-9 as well as borders, words and frames to match. There a  many new doodle patterns included to use in decorating these Alphabet Outlines.
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  1. saw this pattern while searching for aztec art for a tattoo inspiration.
    am doing a full sleeve and wanted to do my mothers name in that style.
    can you be so kind to do it for me. just let me know how much it will cost me and where do i send payment.
    my mothers name is MARGARITA JUAREZ. thank you.