Thursday, 29 January 2015


UK 2015
 I have been asked by the UK charity Epilepsy Action to let you all know about their charity event and competition National Doodle Day.
As we are heavily involved in Doodling as a pastime and some as a business, it would be great to put our respective skills into action and help a worthy cause.
We are a global community that interacts with people from all nations and so as an Australian I am happy to lend my support and contribution to this Doodle Day in the UK.
To check out the details and participate just click: HERE

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Alphabet Series Pattern - L

Alphabet Series Patterns
"This post is bought to you by the letter L"
I have decided to make some cards using the letters from my 3 Flower Alphabet in my book "Creative Doodling with Judy A 2 Z".
I have used the letter L Pattern to doodle the letter L on this card. The paper I used was from Kaisercraft  in a 16.5cm or 6 1/2" Paper Pad called Twig & Berry which I bought a long time ago.   I also added some grass at the bottom with a Sakura Pigma Micron.  The flowers were coloured with Kaszazz Markers. The card works well I think because of the direction I have placed the stripes.
To make the card cut striped paper to cover about 1/3rd of the card lining it up against the right edge of the card with the stripes going across. I cut a matching piece of decorative paper in a square. The sides of the square are the height of the card. I cut a black piece of card to match the card itself 7mm or 1/4" smaller than the decorative square.
I glued the black square to the decorative square of paper and glued the Letter L ( from my 3 Flower Alphabet which I have doodled, coloured and cut a 2mm or 1/16th" border around) on top on the diagonal. 
I then glued the square on the edge of the striped paper on the diagonal so that the opposite corners of the square touched the top and bottom of the card.
The Letter L Pattern used to decorate the 3 Flower L
                            STEPS 1                 2                        3                  4                   5

If you wish to purchase my book which is full of decorative alphabets, numerals, words, frames and borders that match each other click: HERE
If you live in Brisbane, Beaudesert or the Gold Coast and do not want to pay postage on this book you can purchase my book from any of the shops listed on my Classes page as they have stock on hand or can get it in for you. 

Monday, 26 January 2015



This little stool was done for my great grandaughter a few years ago now.
Step 1
I painted the legs in pink and blue to match the napkin colours of the hydrangeas. This napkin comes with both pink and blue hydrangeas on the same napkin.
Check out my Etsy Shop if you would like this napkin:HERE
Step 2
The top of the stool was painted white. Give it enough coats that the wood does not show through.
Step 3
Remove the white tissue layers from the napkin leaving the transparent patterned layer to use on the stool. It is necessary to have a white surface to stick the napkin onto in order to ensure the colours remain vibrant.
Step 4
I worked out the layout I wanted and which parts of the design would be glued first. This pattern overlaps so you need to glue the under most layer first and work you way to the top.
Step 5
Once the first pieced (pink flowers along the back of the stool top) were glued on and dry I put the next pieces (the green leaves) on and drew a pencil line where the pictures overlapped. I then painted white on the section of the overlap (over the underneath layer to get a white surface to glue the next piece to) and let it dry before I glued the next picture.
Step 6
I then continued doing step 5 until the whole top of the stool was covered
Step 7
I then coated the whole stool with a clear varnish, a couple of coasts to protect the design and the painted legs.
Materials Used

Timber Stool       
Blue, Pink & White Acrylic Paint
Glue - Napkin Glue, Decoupage Paste or Mod Podge is suitable.
Clear Sealer - Mod Podge, Clear Sealer or Clear Varnish that will cover paper and acrylic painted surfaces is all you need.
Paint Brush
Scissors to cut out the napkin
I hope you find this helpful.


Saturday, 24 January 2015

Napkin Art

This is a craft I have been playing with for a while and decided to add it to this blog for those who are interested. I have done a number of projects and I will list either the youtube video I learnt to do this from or my own instructions to help you if you want to have a go.
This can be use in a number of crafts such as Doodling, Scrapbooking, Card Making, Journaling, Decoupage and for decorating many household items.
You can also find more post here:
My Napkin Art Board on Pinterest: Here
My Etsy Shop where I sell Napkins: Here
Calico or Fabric Bags:
Decorative Candles:HERE
Napkin Canvas Pictures:HERE
Decorative Cardboard Boxes: HERE
Canvas Shoes:HERE
I will add more projects as I do them. If you would like to have a go at this but do not want to purchase a whole packet of 20 napkins you can go to my Etsy store and purchase 1,2,3,4 or a set of 5 napkins according to the size of project you want.
There is a nice variety of designs that I will be adding to the site all the time. Please email me if there are particular types of designs you would like to see and I will try to supply them.

Sunday, 4 January 2015


Alphabet Pattern Series
"This post is bought to you by the letter K"
I have decided to make some cards using the letters from my 3 Flower Alphabet in my book "Creative Doodling with Judy A 2 Z".
I have used the letter K Pattern to doodle the letter K on this card. The paper I used was from Kaszazz and the sentiment "Happy Retirement" was a sticker I bought at a local scrapbooking shop.  I doodled the edges of some of the paper to add a bit more interest. I also added some grass at the bottom with a Sakura Pigma Micron.  I wrote the rest of Karen's name with the Micron Pen in size 08. The flowers were coloured with Kaszazz Markers.
I used a white card (13.9cm x 14cm or 8 1/4" x 5 1/2") and added a lavender paper over the top of the front. It was 9.8cm x 13.4cm or 3 7/8" x 5 1/4".
I then added a yellow patterned paper across the top, 9.8cm x 4cm or 3 7/8" x 1 1/2" wide.
The lavender heart paper is 9.8cm x 1.4cm or 3 7/8" x 1 9/16" wide and is placed in the centre of the yellow patterned paper. The letter K was put onto the front of the Card with mounting tape to give it a raised appearance.
Below is a closeup of the alphabet pattern and under that is the steps to make this pattern. These alphabet patterns I have designed because they fit well into a line and go around corners easily. They are useful patterns for doodling letters and celtic knots.
                                      Step 1               Step 2                   Step 3

If you have not seen my book called "Creative Doodling with Judy A 2 Z",  it is full of Letters, Numbers, Borders and Frame Outlines ready to colour or doodling inside of. It can be used for all sorts of crafts.

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I hope you find some inspiration from my showing how to use these patterns.