Thursday, 21 February 2013

Celtic Challenge 22 + A New Pattern

Celtic Challenge 22

Hope you have all been well and the weather has not been too hard on you. I have been watching the floods in Queensland, the bush fires in southern and western Australia and the blizzards in America and some people are having a pretty tough time. The pot holes from the snow in the Ukraine are pretty scary too Colleen.
I just pray that you are all safe.

I have been experimenting with new and easier ways to draw simple Celtic Designs and have come up with some interesting ideas. 

My patterns I have used to decorate this design are:

Domes             - 4 Variations
Half Flower      - variation
Full Flower      - variation 
Spiral Foliage  - a new pattern

Celtic Challenge 22 A.

1. Copy the outline below and decorate. 

2. If you want to, try using the same doodle pattern a number of times, trying to come up with a few different decorative variation for that same doodle pattern.

eg. My finished Celtic Heart Flower uses my design 'Domes' with four different variations to decorate the outline as you can see in the finished design above.
Celtic Heart Flower

Celtic Challenge 22 B.

1. Using the distructions below, draw the design above or come up with your own variation and decorate.

2. As I stated above, try using the same doodle pattern, to decorate, by using different variations of the same pattern. 

eg. My finished Celtic Heart Flower uses my design 'Domes' with four different variations to decorate the outline.

Celtic Challenge 22 Celtic Heart Flower Distructions

1. Draw the whole design in pencil first.

2. Draw a square but extend each side of the square a little at each corner.

3. Draw your heart shape coming from one line of the corner and ending on the other line of the same corner. Repeat this step on each corner of the square.

4. You do not have to draw a heart shape like I did. You can draw any shape you wish.

5. Draw a continuous parallel line beside the line in this diagram.

6. Now in ink mark out where you want the intersections to cross. Remember to alternate under and over.

7. Draw the remainder of the design in ink and rub out any pencil lines that you can see. The finished outline is above in section 22 A.

8. Decorate your design.

Spiral Foliage Distructions


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Friday, 8 February 2013

Celtic Challenge 21

Celtic Challenge 21

Hi all, I hope you have had a good couple of weeks. 

I have decided to introduce some new ways to challenge you this week.

Celtic Challenge 21 A.

Copy the outline below onto some interesting paper or card. Not just plain white or cream, but something with a pattern. Hand made papers are very interesting or if you have some decorative papers, that you use for card making, scrapbooking or journalling. Then decorate your celtic pattern taking into consideration the patterned paper you have copied it onto. 

I have left a large open centre this time, giving you plenty of room for an interesting decoration.  

This outline would make a good frame I think.

Celtic Challenge 21 B

Use the distructions below to draw your celtic outline. Once you have finished, scan it onto your computer and print it onto a patterned piece of card or paper as I have instructed above. Then decorate your outline, taking into consideration the patterns on the paper.
Here are your distructions:

A. Draw the whole design in pencil first. Draw 6 intersecting lines, equally spaced apart. Alternating short and long lines.

B. Draw a line curving from the top of the short lines to part the way down the longer line beside and back to the top of the next short line. Continue all the way around to make a continuous curved line.

C. Draw a second line starting from the top of the longer line and curving part the way down the next shorter line and then back to the top of the next longer line. Continue all the way around to form a second continuous line.

D. Draw a second parallel line just inside the first continuous line.

E. Draw a second parallel line just inside the second continuous line drawn.

F. Your celtic frame is complete. Rub out the guide lines and the sections of the continuous lines that would go under. Make sure the weave in a continuous over and under pattern, all the way around. Then to finish, go over the lines that are left in ink.

This is how I decorated this pattern.

 The paper I used had a faint all over shell pattern. I am not completely happy with this one. I may do a second and post it later in the week.

The main patterns I have used are:
                                            Paprus - a new design

  You can find the distructions for Hilly on my Border and Edges Pattern Page.
PAPRUS Distructions

       HAPPY DOODLING       


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Dare 43 plus 3 New Patterns

Dare 43

Erin from The Bright Owl Blog has come up with another very nice design for her Zendala Dare.
Below is my finished piece for this challenge.

I used an 02 Micron Pen for the heavier lines and a 005 for the fine lines, on Watercolour paper.

The patterns I used are my own. They are Zing, Undergrowth and Streaming in. The distructions for each of these are pictured below.