Friday, 28 September 2012

Celtic Challenge 7

Celtic Challenge 7

I was very impressed with the people who met last weeks challenge. There was some beautiful work produced. You have wonderful imaginations as well as doodling skills.

Below is your Celtic outline for this week. I am not issuing any challenge other than to have fun with it.

Below is my attempt at this challenge.


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Diva Challenge 88 & New Pattern Distructions

Diva Challenge 88

Thank you Diva for this Challenge. I saw Rick and Maria's new Tangle is their newsletter and thought it would make a good base for letters. You have caused me to get organised and do something with my thoughts.

I also tried a new pattern on one side of the leaves. I wanted something that made that side of the leaf look darker but not stand out from the other side of the leaf. I have called the Creative Doodle Pattern 'RANDOM' because of the random nature of the criss-cross lines.


Monday, 24 September 2012

New Patterns using Dare 24

Dare 24
& 3 New Patterns

I decided to use some new patterns to decorate the Dare 24 that The Bright Owl issued this week. 

Thank you Erin for another great Dare.

I have included the Distructions for these patterns. 

Quad and Scrolled Wave I got the ideas from some ancient Egyptian drawings and patterns. Trio is a variation of Quad. It is amazing what you can find if you have a look at some of the ancient art.  


Friday, 21 September 2012

Celtic Challenge 6

Celtic Challenge 6

As I like flowers I have drawn this Celtic Flower Design.

My Challenge to you this week is to draw something outside the lines as well as decorating the flower.

If you are new to my site and have not entered my Celtic Challenge before, check out my Celtic Challenge Guidelines Page listed at the top for all information about these challenges.

Below is how I decorated my Celtic Flower


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Challange 87

I Am the Diva Challenge 87

Pinwheel of Peace

This challenge was lots of fun as I love to make things. I can see the grandkids having fun with this one when I show them. Thank you Laura for a fun Challenge and for a good cause also, Peace Day. To find out more about this Day which is celebrated on the 21st September. click on the I am the Diva Button button on the right of this page.

I painted the back of my Pinwheel with lots of different coloured inks. 

I doodled on the front of my Pinwheel.

Then I folded every second corner to the centre and fastened them in the middle.

I will just attached it to a stick and it is ready to catch the wind.


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Easy Alphabet Decoration

Easy Alphabet Decoration

I just thought I would post these two letters without lots of distructions. They are two simple edges you can put around your letters and then fill with a doodle of your choice.

The letter 'P' has little triangles filled in. I have shaded along the edge also to give it a rounded look. I used a zig-zag contour pattern to fill in the rest.

On the letter 'Q' I used a small filled in bump around the edge. I then followed the contour of the bumps with a line. I then added my doodle inside the wavy contour line. I also added shading around the edges to give it a rounded look. I used a spiral pattern as my doodle pattern and shaded parts of it to give an overlapping effect.


Sunday, 16 September 2012



Again I have converted Dare 23 from The Bright Owl Blog from a Mandala to a Celtic Mandala. This one was more of a challenge because I had to make all the ends link continuously. 

Erin from the Bright Owl is changing her Dare time from Friday to Saturday to fit in with her work and home schedule. I hope this works well for you Erin.

To help those who wish to change their work into a Celtic theme I will be adding a permanent page to this blogsite with the distructions. Also I will add a page with the distructions for using Gimp. Gimp I find useful for rubbing out the extra  lines once you have drawn the outlines for your celtic design. 

These are both earlier posts but it gets a bit hard to find when time goes on and more posts are added, so I will put them on their own page this week,  for your easy reference.

Below is my Celtic Mandala Dare 23:

I have had a request from Paula:

"I'm very intrigued by how you worked out the unders & overs for the Mandala. Still having trouble getting the hang of the Celtic letters & where to put the loopy or crossover bits. Think I'm missing some kind of fundamental principle here. What happens when the ends don't meet, does it always have to be a design that joins? I'm more & more fascinated by the knotwork & Celtic forms".

I am posting my reply to her and a copy of the original template so you and Paula can see the difference between the original and the celtic version of Dare 23 to see what I have changed to make it work. 

"Hi Paula, when the lines don't meet I either get rid of that line or add to it so that it joins to another line. I am always changing the original to make it fit to what I want it to do. I will add the original Dare 23 template to my post so that you can see what I have added to make it work."


Friday, 14 September 2012

Celtic Challenge 5

Celtic Challenge 5

A challenge to me is not just trying something new, but something new that you are not sure you can do. It stretches your skills, your knowledge or your physical ability. Once you have completed the challenge you can do something you have never done before. It makes you feel like you have achieved, you feel more confident and are excited about the prospect of trying more challenges.

I hope the challenges I post make you feel that way.

These challenges stretch me also, as I have to try to come up with things that are achievable by a variety of skill levels and is of interest to the majority of people. That is why your comments are very important to me. It helps me judge what will challenge and excite you. 

Please leave me constructive and informative comments, and I will alway take them into consideration when posting new challenges.

The challenge to you this week is to use colour in your design. If you use colour often, use colours you do not normally use. If you do not usually colour your images, try it. 

The templates I am posting are a Mandala and a Celtic Mandela, I produced from it. You can do one or both of these.

Below is the Celtic Mandela that I produced for this challenge. At present I am experimenting with inks instead of Watercolour Pencils to add colour. My challenge is to get them to blend nicely. I am still having difficulty with them spreading when I add too much water, but I am very pleased with the results.

I am not however happy with the way my scanner is copying the colour at present. So this is not an accurate representation of what the original looks like. Sorry.

Below is the Mandala that I produced for this challenge.


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Melting Alphabet Distructions

Melting Alphabet

Draw the outline of your letter in pencil.

In pen draw in the melted sections of your letter.

Draw a contour line around the inside of the letter.

Fill in the gap between the outline and the contour line.

Your letter is now ready to add a doodle pattern and colour if you wish. Rub out any pencil lines that still appear.

Below is how I decorated my Melted Letter 'I'.

As you can see by this 'I' it is different from the distructions. You can add your melted lines from any direction, the top, the side or even the bottom. The choice is yours, the variety endless.


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Double Loop De Loop


Here is a more complicated variation on the pattern I posted yesterday. I hope you like it.


Monday, 10 September 2012

Loop de Loop Distructions


Here are the distructions for the simple little pattern I used in Dare 22.


Friday, 7 September 2012

Dare 22

Dare 22

This Dare from the Bright Owl was lots of fun. I was still in a Celtic mood from my own Challenge so decided to convert the Monodala into a Celtic Monodala. I have been playing with inks lately as the colours are so bright and pretty so I used them to highlight the celtic under and over effect. The pattern I used is one of my own that I have not named yet.

If you want to try the Bright Owl's Dare I have installed her button to the right side of my blog. You can just push it to link to the current Dare 22.


Celtic Challenge 4

Celtic Challenge 4

Hi All, I have decided to go a little easy on you this week and put up a template of a Celtic Cross I have designed. It is a very modern version. Not what I would call a traditional design. 

Your challenge this week is to copy this cross and decorate it. For those who want a bit more of a challenge, you can design your own modern celtic cross and decorate it.

Below is a copy of how I decorated my cross. 


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Diva Challenge 85

I Am the Diva Weekly Challenge 85

The Diva issues challenges once a week. For those who are interested, I have a button to the right that will link you to her blog.

This is my first time entering her challenge. I have been meaning to do it for a while now but have alway run out of time.

Luckily I did this design some time ago and the pattern that we had to feature for the challenge was Copada, and it was created by Margaret Bremner CTZ. So here is my entry I hope you like it.


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Stripes & Flowers Alphabet

Stripes & Flowers Alphabet

Draw or trace your letter in pencil.

Place circles in pencil where you want to position your flowers.

In pen draw the petals and stems of your flowers.

In pen add leaves and more stems to the empty spaces.

In pen draw paralled wiggly lines to add the stripes to your letter. Make sure the stripes go under your flowers and petals.

Finally in pen draw a contour line in each space created behind the flowers, petals and stripes and fill in that space.

Your letter is completed. Rub out the pencil lines and colour or doodle on the petals, flowers and stripes if you wish. Depending on the size of the letter, you may not want to make it too busy, so choose carefully how much decoration you want to add.

Below is my finished letter 'H'.

If you email me letters you have done using this design I will post them on my blog with your name. I will post the finished works each Monday. 


Sunday, 2 September 2012

Dare 21

Dare 21

I love a challenge and The Bright Owl has come up with another Dare that will test your metal. Those large Surf Board shapes had me thinking for a while. Thanks Erin for another great Zendela Dare. 

Below is my contribution:

If you want to have try at this dare I have posted the link below:


Saturday, 1 September 2012

Leafy Alphabet Distructions

Leafy Alphabet

I have used a leaf shape to construct this Alphabet. You could use whatever shape you like, flower petals, flames, hearts etc.

There is also an endless variety to what leaf, petal or heart shape etc you use. So you could use these distructions to produce a large variety of Letter Designs. 

I have drawn a variety of leaf shapes just to give you the idea.

Draw or trace the outline of your letter in Pencil.

Choose your shape and where on the letter you wish to start. The first shape you draw will be the only place you see the whole shape. 
Also you need to start in a place where you can then spread out over the whole letter like a path leading from one place to the rest of the letter.
In pen begin drawing your shapes. Each shape after the first will come out from behind the previous shapes drawn, to give an overlapping effect.
Continuing drawing around the letter until you have filled in every part, leaving no gaps and very little space on the edges.

Once you have filled the whole letter, rub out your pencil lines. You can then add a doodle pattern and colour if you wish.

Below if how I finished my Letter 'G'.