Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Celtic Challenge 3


As I am still working out how to use the Mr Linky Wizard and accidentally ended the Challenge 2 Linky, so I have decided to make this the Challenge until Friday 7th September. 

I was posting this as distructions and added the Mr Linky and that stopped the challenge 2 link. So sorry about that. 

If any of you have an entry for Challenge 2 that you have not posted yet just email it to me and I will post them. You only have until tomorrow Friday 31st August.

Celtic Alphabet

Here is your opportunity to go crazy with the Celtic Knots. 

You can now design any of the 26 letters of the Alphabet or any numerals you like or make a word. 

The distructions below will give you the basics. 

In pencil outline or draw your letter or numeral.

On the ends of each part of the letter or numeral make your loop or cross-over.

You many not want to limit yourself to the ends.
 On a letter like 'O' there are no ends just thick and thin sections. You can do your cross-over on one or both of these sections on any of the letters your like.

Next draw a contour line around the inside of each shape.

Now draw a contour line around the whole outside of the letter.

In pencil (as this is the part when most people make their mistakes) join the gaps at each loop or cross-over alternating between crossing over and under until the whole letter is completed.
In pen draw over the whole letter ready for doodling and colouring.

Rub out all the pencil lines.
Your Celtic Letter is now ready for adding doodle patterns and colour if you want.

Here is how I decorated my Celtic Letter.

As I am very interested in seeing what you come up. 
Please add your designs to the link below.


1. Didisch
2. Didisch
3. Cathy Cusson
4. Fiona D
5. Ninna
6. seven


  1. This isn't for the challenge but I sort of got the sense that you'd quite like to see anyhow - it being the result of your teaching how to draw a celtic knot. I used your knot as the basis for an anniversary card & I can't thank you enough for opening up how to draw Celtic patterns; I actually cannot believe I'm really able to do this.
    Couldn't find an email address for you.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. Dear Judy, I admire celtic knots, and am very pleased that you made another challeng for celtic knot drawing. I want to improve my skills so I am glad you did post another challenge with this theme. Thanx for teaching and let me explore that even I can draw celtic knots!

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    2. I'am sorry by posting my link twice. I thought there was a problem, or that I had forgotten to push the enter button. Than the second time I saw it was busy very long, so I wanted to comment that I had a problem with linking my URL, and the moment I posted my comment I saw that I had posted it twice. I'm sorry for that.

    3. That's ok Didish. I often get it wrong, as you will find out if you continue to follow my blog. But I learn more by my mistakes so I figure its a good think.

  3. Thank you Judy for this challenge. I thought it was really fun to do this, I have never tried out tangling letters before. I must try some more when I got the time :-)

  4. Thank you for this challenge, it was so much fun to do this.

  5. I'm using this in school because I have to teach a form of celtic knots and I went here! Pretty simple and easy.

  6. I am really impressed and trying this out for a banner design. Thanks for the tutorials :D