Sunday, 26 August 2012

Using Gimp


I did a photo editing course a few years ago and found out about a magic free download called GIMP. This program allow you to make changes to your photos and drawings. I can only use the basics but after just going on line to youtube, I found it can do an lot of things now that I 
did not even know about.

I use mainly the rubber to edit out bits I don't want in drawings I  will be placing on facebook, flickr or my blog. I have never bothered to learn to draw on the computer as I cannot afford the expensive programs I would need, and I prefer the feel of a pencil, pen and paintbrush in my hand, but I have used this editing program and find it useful.

The good part about GIMP is that it is a FREE DOWNLOAD. 

The link below shows you how to use the rubber I used in gimp to erase the bits I did not want, and other things. I hope you find it helpful.

This is how I edited the Dare 20 Design.

This is the Dare 20 template that was posted by the Bright Owl blog this week.

I got this far in my Dare 20 design and decided I liked it so far. I scanned it into my computer and saved it in my pictures. I opened Gimp and opened Copy 1 in Gimp. I then erased the rest of the template design that I had not filled in. I then saved this version.


I then went back into my pictures and made a copy of Copy 1. By doing that I did not have to erase what I had in Copy 1 to get to this design. I then went back into Gimp and erased the four pieces that make it look like a cross. I then saved this version.


I then went back into my pictures and made a copy of Copy 2.
I then went back into Gimp and erased the outer design leaving only this section of the design. I then saved this version.

This is the finished design.

I am considering making originals of the other 3 designs and framing them together like a progression of work. Using gimp to see what it would look like first, saves me a lot of time producing work I may or may not want to frame.

I hope this was helpful.



  1. Thanks for that tidbit J. Just beware, there is a lot of freeware out there and it can be harmful to your hard drive.

    1. I have been using Gimp for the last 10 years. It was introduced to me when I went to a photo editing course at a tertiary institution. I know it is safe, but thankyou for your concern. I agree we have to be weary of freestuff.