Monday, 6 August 2012

Dare 17


In Honor of my Dad

This weeks Dare on The Bright Owl Blog was to remember those who have fought Cancer. Those who have won are blessed and those who have lost will be remembered with love and affection. Cancer touches us all in some way. Let us all continue to pray not only for those affected with this disease and their family and friends but also let us support in any way we can those trying to find a cure and better treatment for cancer sufferers. 

This Mandela is in honor of my Dad who passed away from cancer. Dad alway made me happy. He was funny, smart and caring. He made me think and calmed me down when I was stressed. Creative doodling calms me when I am stressed also and reminds me of Dad.


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  1. beautiful job, judy! i'm glad you have joyful memories of your dad:)