Saturday, 1 September 2012

Leafy Alphabet Distructions

Leafy Alphabet

I have used a leaf shape to construct this Alphabet. You could use whatever shape you like, flower petals, flames, hearts etc.

There is also an endless variety to what leaf, petal or heart shape etc you use. So you could use these distructions to produce a large variety of Letter Designs. 

I have drawn a variety of leaf shapes just to give you the idea.

Draw or trace the outline of your letter in Pencil.

Choose your shape and where on the letter you wish to start. The first shape you draw will be the only place you see the whole shape. 
Also you need to start in a place where you can then spread out over the whole letter like a path leading from one place to the rest of the letter.
In pen begin drawing your shapes. Each shape after the first will come out from behind the previous shapes drawn, to give an overlapping effect.
Continuing drawing around the letter until you have filled in every part, leaving no gaps and very little space on the edges.

Once you have filled the whole letter, rub out your pencil lines. You can then add a doodle pattern and colour if you wish.

Below if how I finished my Letter 'G'. 



  1. Love this idea and the artwork is superb.

  2. this one is pretty cool! i'm making a desktop folder with all your letter templates. i have one for your celtic patterns, too. thanks for all the good info and patterns you send our way!

  3. Just found you on pinterest!Love your ideas :)