Thursday, 27 November 2014

Alphabet Letter Patterns

I have been so busy I have not posted these for a while, so I have three for you today, "H, I & J."
                                       STEP 1                                     STEP 2                            STEP 3
                                      STEP 1                   STEP 2                   STEP 3                STEP 4
                                           STEP 1                STEP 2               STEP 3                  STEP 4
I am still working on the Celtic Pattern Toy, trying to arrange for it to be made at a reasonable cost, as I believe craft should be affordable for every one. Also I am drawing lots of samples and writing out easy instructions that I can continue to post for those not confident in coming up with their own designs. I have never made a youtube video before, and believe it will be the best way to show how to make the Celtic Knot Designs, so I am learning to do that also. I would like to have this ready before Christmas, but I am not promising.
Hope you enjoy these patterns.



  1. Thanks for the new tangles. As always, YOU ROCK!!!

  2. I really love your ideas. I have just found your blog, but it will definitely not be my last visit. GREAT STUFF!
    Keep up the good work. Thanks.