Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Diva Weekly Challenge 102

Diva Weekly Challenge 102

I am the Diva's Weekly Challenge 102 was to do a design using only 2 patterns. The patterns were Auraknot and Bunzo. You can use the I am the diva button on my site to link to her challenge if you want to have a go. This is my contribution to the challenge. 

I have used black art board and gold, silver and white gel pens. The silver and white do not show up well in this photo. It was done it on A4 size paper.

I made a couple of mistakes, but it was tooo hard to correct, so it is all out there.



  1. Wow. Incredible. Amazing. A hard act to follow.

  2. Very nice use of different layering and shades. I like how some have patterns in them, and others around them. Nice work!

  3. wow! it reminds me a lot to my technical drawing classes i had in my studies! well done i really like the different gel pens you used!

  4. Beautiful! The yellow makes it quite special.

  5. White on black is always so distinctive and beautiful. Love the touch of yellow!

  6. Judy - when I look at your designs, and dis-tructions I see that your lines are so straight and your angles are so perfect. Do you use a ruler and or some sort of item to make the examples so precise?

    I ask this because, sometimes, when I am trying to replicate patterns I get frustrated because my freehand efforts seem to me to be so very much inferior! I am not an artist by trade or even hobby, but I am learning to free the inner artist in me with Zentangle - and much as I love doing it, I will admit to sometimes getting disheartened if I can't make my efforts look as good!

    Let me be very clear that I am in no way judging what you do or the way you do it - I am trying to articulate my own set of guidelines for myself, and myself alone, and I am trying to decide when I should, for my own sanity, move away from the more organic, free form underpinnings of Zentangle to more deliberate, ruler, compass-aided drawing of certain patterns.

    Understanding how the people I admire and hope to emulate make their examples and designs will, I think, help me not to put obstacles in my own way, thinking that I should be able to make accurate angles and perfectly straight lines in my own untutored hands, when even those I admire are using tools to help them make their perfect designs.

    I do hope my tortuous thoughts are at least a little clear - and again I stress that I am not in any way making a value judgement about how patterns are made or formed; I am just looking for a little information! Can I put my foot further into my mouth, or are my insecurities understandable!!!


  7. Hi Jakki, I did use a ruler in this picture.90% of the time I draw freehand. This is because I have a very steady hand and have had plenty of practice. I majored in art at high school and teachers college and over the years have done many art coarses. I will be 60 this year. So comparing yourself a beginner, to some one who has had 50 years of drawing is not a wise move and you will be dissappointed.

    The time to get dishartened is when you practice a lot and do not get any better. But never compare yourself to some one else unless they have exactly the same history, time doing it and the same talents as you. In fact just enjoy the process.

    If you are unhappy with a result find a way to do it better. For example, if I want a really straight line I use a ruler. If I want a zebra outline and cannot draw it to my satisfaction, then I download one off the internet. The only one that needs to be happy with your work is you. The only time to stop drawing is if you are not enjoying it anymore.

    I have never been involved with zentangles, although I do love what they do. There were no zentangle teachers near me in Australia, when I first saw them on the internet and therefore I was never restricted by their rules and regulations. I find rules are things I love to break. I also find rules limit you in your creativity.

    Drawing the activity is fun, relaxing and rewarding, a good result is a bonus. I encourage you to continue drawing. I guarantee you will never by sorry.