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Monday, 14 January 2013

Dare 40 + New Pattern

Zendala Dare 40

This is this weeks Dare posted on The Bright Own Blog by Erin. She was not that happy about the original outline design. I was a bit unsure. 

I was almost tempted to turn it into a Celtic Knot Pattern as it would have been an easy one to do it with, but decided I would go with the challenge of making this design interesting. 

I am still a bit unsure of whether I have achieved this. What do you think?

The patterns I used to decorate this design are all my own. The are Going Down, Galaxy, Trio and a new one Sunrise.


You can find the steps for my other patterns on my pattern pages.


  1. I think it is brilliant. Great job!

  2. Love the radiant "sunrise"! And the sense of real depth you have created. Definitely meets criteria for interesting and then some!

  3. Very nice shading. You have some great depth in this Zendala. Nice job!

  4. yes, you did achieve it! Beautiful...

  5. Yes, very interesting. Nice contrast in tangles (I particularly like your use of galaxy) and the superb shading gives it wondrous depth.

  6. Thank you for you lovely comments ladies.

  7. I like the contrast in your zendala. It's beautiful.

  8. Judy, this is awesome! I love it!

  9. Pretty - I like the hearts in the outside corners

  10. That sunrise pattern really makes this a standout zendala. Verrrry interesting, indeed.

  11. Terrific, INTERESTING zendala. I think you achieved what you were after!