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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Celtic Challenge 20

Celtic Challenge 20

I will be giving you two options for each challenge this year. You can do one or both of these challenges.
I will only be posting my Challenges once a fortnight as I am my husbands carer and he is requiring more help now, so I have less time.
Challenge A, will be to copy and decorate the Celtic Knot Outline I have provided.
Challenge B, will be to use my distructions to draw your own Celtic Knot Outline and decorate it. 
Celtic Challenge 20A

Copy the Celtic Design below and decorate with doodles. Colour and shade if you wish.  
 Celtic Challenge 20B

Use the distructions below to draw your own Celtic Outline. You can go with the Heart and Oval shapes that I have used or come up with alternatives. Then decorate the design you have drawn however you wish.
This design used the same basic distructions as the last Challenge, but I have added some extra lines to the cross, and added a small shape between the large shapes, where as in the last challenge I put a small shape inside large shape.
This whole design is drawn in pencil first.
Draw a cross in pencil. Then add two more intersecting lines between the arms of the cross. Put a pencil mark halfway along each line.
 Add an oval shape beginning at the halfway dot and extending to the end of the line, with equal parts either side of the line. Extend the bottom of the shape toward the middle dot on the next line, leaving a gap for the intersection.

Draw a second line parallel to the first around each oval shape.

Close the gap left by the extended parallel lines.

 The outer weave is now complete.
Draw a small heart in the middle of the gap between each large oval shape, extending a line from that heart to the bottom point of the next heart. The extension line is in the opposite direction to the extension line for the large ovals.
The heart extension goes over the lines at the botton of that heart but stops at the lines beneath the next heart.
 Draw a parallel line around each heart and along the extension.

As you can see by the drawing below you have now completed all the guidelines. 

You can now go over the lines in ink. Making sure to rub out the sections you do not require. It is a bit difficult under the heart as there are three lines intersecting. Make sure the two heart lines go one under and one over the ovals extension line. Make sure you do it in the same direction at the bottom of each heart, to ensure a continuous under and over weave.
My inked version is at the top of this post. 
Below is how I decorated my Celtic Challenge. 

Although I like the pattern at the centre of this design, I am not sure I like it or the colour I used in the centre section. But here it is. I used a variation of Betweed in the centre.
I coloured this with distress ink on watercolour paper. I used a micron pen to draw the initial outline and the doodles.
My patterns I used are:
                                       Little Weeds - a variation
                                       Wavy Lines
                                       Ric-Rac - a new pattern
You can see the distructions for my other patterns on the pattern pages I have on this Blog site.

Ric-Rac Distructions