Monday, 21 January 2013

Dare 41, Madison's Square Garden & 3 New Patterns

Dare 41, Madison's Square Garden
& 3 New Patterns

Dare 41

I really enjoyed this one sooo much Erin. Thank you. If you have not tried any of Erin's Dares, click on the button at the side for The Zendala Dare and give it a try.

I used distress ink and a brush to colour this design. I did it on watercolour paper and used a Micron Pen. 

The patterns I used are:
                                  Wavy Lines
                                  Centre Decoration
                                  A new one Little Weeds

Little Weeds Distructions

Madison's Square Gardens

I was in a very flowery mood over the weekend and this was the result.

I used a stencil to draw the overlapping squares. I then redrew them with wavy parallel lines that weave over and under each other. 

To decorate the frames themselves I used the patterns:  
                               Rolling In
                               A variation of Tree Trunk
                               A new one Heartbeat
Heartbeat Distructions

To decorate inside the frames I used:
                               Half Flower
                               Leaf Sprig
                               Hanging Gardens
                               Random Flowers
                               A variation of Random flowers
                               A variation of Little Weeds
                               A new one Worm Grass 

Worn Grass Distructions

You can find all the patterns listed here on my pattern pages on this blog.



  1. Wow. Gorgeous zendala. Great colour. Lovely tangle choices.
    I also like your squares but they don't quite have the impact of the zendala :)

  2. Wow Judy, your zendala has great colors. And I love your new tangles theybare so organic and in so many ways to use!

  3. Wow! You're been very busy! Love them all!

  4. ah, so nice to see such bright colors, and flowery patterns - winter needs this boost! Beautifully done, and nice new tangles.

  5. Your Zendala is beautiful!! Great job!