Saturday, 20 April 2013

Celtic Challenge 26


Hi all, due to the increasing demands on my time to care for my sick husband, I am finding it a challenge to post on time. If I do not get it done on Friday it may be Saturday or Sunday before it is posted. I hope you don't mind but I do not have any other options here.

I am changing the challenges also. I will be doing a series of Celtic Mandalas for a while. I love the round shapes and I think from what I see on other sites and facebook and a lot of your do.

When time permits I will post on how to convert an ordinary Mandala outline to a Celtic one.

This challenge is to decorate the outline below with doodles and colour. 

The picture below is of the way I decorated this design.
My patterns I used are:
                        Little Heart - variation
                        Flames - variation
                        Undergrowth - a variation
Please use Mr Linky below to show me samples of your work. I love to see what you come up with.

Your comments and samples of your work let me know that I should continue to do this. If it is something people are not interested in them I will stop. Your responses will give me an indication of whether I should continue with these challenges or not. Hope to here from you soon.



  1. judy - i love your challenges, and i will be glad to enjoy them whenever you post. your husband certainly comes first. praying for the 2 of you. blessings, dear lady!

    1. Thank you Alice and I thank God for those who pray. We all need as much pray as we can get.

  2. I LOVE your design! It screams spring time and happiness! Can't wait to get started on this one. Hopefully I'll have time this week.

  3. Judy, Family always must come first!! I will add you and your husband to my prayer list. I do enjoy your Celtic Challenges very much!! I have done quite a few of them. It does not matter to me that they are late. Whenever you can do them would be wonderful, even once a month or every two weeks. Peace and blessings to you and your family.

  4. HI Judy, I have missed seeing your challenges lately but I do them eventually. Don't have a blog so just do them for myself. They are a good celtic meditation that I enjoy. We understand if you can't do them every week, we'll look forward to them whenever you have the time. I have added you and your husband (anonismously) into a prayer circle I belong to, and send you an Irish blessing.

    1. Thank you Mary for your prayers. They are much appreciated. God bless you and your family also.

  5. How do I draw the pattern? I don't have a printer so....