Friday, 5 April 2013

Celtic Challenge 25

Celtic Challenge 25

The challenge I have for you this fortnight is to create an authentic Celtic design. It is called a Celtic Triskele and one of the earliest examples of this is in the late 6th century on the Meigle Stone from Scotland.

It is a very simple shape but very beautiful and appears in many variations in celtic work.  

Celtic Challenge 25 A

Copy the outline below and decorate it.

Celtic Challenge 25 B

Follow my distructions below to draw your own Triskele and then decorate it.

Draw the whole diagram in pencil first.

Draw three dots that represent the 3 points of the Triskele. They need to be equal distance apart as in the points of an equaliteral triangle.

Draw a curved line from one point to the next arching the curve at least half the distance from the bottom to the top dot.

Repeat this step twice more.

Draw a continuous parallel line on the outside of the line already drawn.

Mark out where you want the over and unders to be on the cross over sections.

Now that you have finished the drawing. Redraw over the pencil lines in pen and rub out any pencil left showing.

You are now ready to decorate your Celtic Triskele.

This is how I decorated mine.

My patterns I used are:


Spiral Bumps - a new pattern

Spiral Bumps Distructions