Friday, 17 May 2013

Celtic Challenge 28

Celtic Challenge 28

Hi All, I hope you had a great fortnight. Faith commented on my last challenge and gave us a very interesting idea to create a circular design using Cut Paper. I have used her idea to create this fortnights design. Thank you Faith.
My Challenge to you this fortnight is to decorate this design using only two colours. I used Red and Black in the design below.

A little bit of colour and design theory to help you create interest.

I used a contrast of solid colour and delicate patterns.

I used three sizes in pens to create different thicknesses of line.

I used shading to create depth.

I used lines going in different directions to create movement.

Because of the above some features in the design stand out more than others.

 All these things combined create a lot of interesting things to look at in a very small pattern. 

My Pattern I used is:
Rolling In - a variation

The other pattern I used:
A spiral repeated in various sizes. I have seen this often and am not sure if someone has claimed it as their design. If so let me know and I am happy to give them credit.



  1. First again? We have the Eurovision Song Contest on TV and it is only bearable if one is doing something else as well. They've performed about 20 of the songs (26 in all) and they're all starting to sound the same.
    So this pretty template came to the rescue. I was going to put 'squid' in the centre as I've drawn a lot of stars recently, then had the idea to simplify the beautiful 'edelweiss' plant and put that in instead. The steps are included in the post.