Saturday, 4 May 2013

Celtic Challenge 27

Celtic Challenge 27

Hi all, hope you had a great fortnight. There were some interesting entries in the last challenge. 

Cora Lee commented on the last post that she did not have a printer and how could she draw it. At present I do not have time to issue drawing instructions with each challenge. 

My suggestion to Cora Lee and others in the same position is to copy my outline and email it to a friend who has a printer, so they can print it for you. In Australia some copy business will print items you email to them for you also. If anyone else has any ideas, could they please put it in the comments for others to see.

Below is your challenge for this week. I am asking those who have never done it before to come up with one of their own patterns to decorate part of the design. If you could name your pattern and draw up the steps that would be great also. Good luck.

Below is my finished version.

My patterns I used to decorate this design are:

Flaming Zig Zag
Half Flower - Variation
Wavy Lines - Variation
Full Flower - Variation

Hope you enjoy this pattern.



  1. Hi Judy! Thanks for posting these lovely mandala designs. I missed 26 for some reason, so I'll have fun doing both this weekend!

    I have a different suggestion for obtaining the designs without a printer and that is to trace them (on graphic paper or semi-transparent greased kitchen paper) straight from the computer screen. It works! If the image is then too small, it isn't so difficult to enlarge it. A touch screen would have to be switched to normal!
    However, that said, cc27 is an easy one! It consists of 3 squares with auras. I'm sure it's drawable. I suggest using a template for one of them (a square shape). It doesn't really matter which one it is.
    I can't quite understand why anyone who has a computer does not have a printer! Maybe that should be high on a list of priorities!

  2. PS I see there are 4 squares on cc27. No matter. My suggestion is the same!
    I can't remember who suggested another way of drawing mandalas. Here it is again:
    It's definitely good for the round ones: Cut out a circular blank template of paper by tracing round a plate or other round object (you choose the size). Fold the paper twice. This gives you the repetition for the mandala. Use sharp scissors to cut holes at various corners. Fold again (as often as your paper will cooperate - depends on size) and make more holes at other junctions. You could also use a pointed instrument to just make holes rather than shapes.
    Open the paper and you have a perfact template for marking points to draw any mandala design containing the number of repeats you want, which initially depended on the folding.
    When you're satisfied, iron the paper flat.
    The folding decides how many focal points you have.
    I'm sure this works for square shapes, too, but I haven't tried it.

    1. Thanks for all the helpful information Faith. Much appreciated. I am going to try the cut paper idea

  3. This is my 1st celtic challenge. I made it simple compared to yours.