Friday, 14 December 2012

Celtic Challenge 18

Celtic Challenge 18


This is a 4 week challenge. As this time of year is very busy for us all, but as some of us have holiday time I am going to offer a challenge that spans 4 weeks. The next challenge will not be issued until January 11th, 2013.

Here are my quick steps for drawing an easy celtic weave design.


 Choose a stencil to draw your design. This is the stencil I used. As you can see it is all squares of different sizes.

When using a stencil draw in pencil the smaller shape outline first. 

Position the larger shape over the smaller drawing, ensuring the smaller shape is in the centre, and then draw the outline of the larger shape.

Now draw other squares to overlap the first one until you are happy with your design. Make sure only two line overlap at any one point.

Rub out the sections where the lines overlap.

Redraw the intersecting lines so that you now have a Celtic Weave.
You could do the same technique using a template of a shape in small and large. If you use a template then draw the larger shape first and put the smaller shape inside, centre it and draw the smaller shape.

I have drawn outlines using 4 different shapes.

Your challenge is to either decorate the outlines I have here, or come up with your own celtic weave designs.

As there are all sorts of shapes and 4 outlines above I hope that I will see more than one attempt posted from each person.
My aim is for you to enjoy the process. If you like decorating and not drawing then do that. If you like the challenge of drawing it your self first, then go ahead. 

However I love to see the results. Please show me some intersting designs and decorations and some colour if you wish.

As you have 4 outlines above and instructions to draw your own Super Easy Celtic Weave, I am having a bit of a holiday until the new year. I will however be looking at the site to see what you have come up with, and commenting on each design posted, as usual. I may even post a couple of new letters and patterns.

This cold has really knocked me about and I need to take it easy for a while. Hope you all have a great Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.



  1. Another great but awesome challenge. I don't possess a stencil, but I'll think of something, maybe some oblongs with an old credit card. Have a nice long rest and enjoy the

  2. Wonderful tutorial- I'm excited to give this and a lot of the other challenges a try over the holidays! Thanks for the great inspiration!

  3. First again!!! Am I just a glutton for punishment? This really was a challenge of ingenuity. I love Judy's constructions, but I'll never get the Celtic spirit right if I don't practise the basics. However, just for fun I'll try to do one of the "set pieces" as well.