Friday, 11 January 2013

Celtic Challenge 19

Celtic Challenge 19

Hi everyone, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and will have a happy and prosperous New Year to come.

I have had a good rest, and have some very exciting challenges for you this year. 

I will be giving you two options for each challenge this year. You can do one or both of these challenges.

I will only be posting my Challenges once a fortnight as I am my husbands carer and he is requiring more help now, so I have less time.

Challenge A, will be to copy and decorate the Celtic Knot Outline I have provided.

Challenge B, will be to use my distructions to draw your own Celtic Knot Outline and decorate it. 

Celtic Challenge 19A

Copy this outline and decorate it with patterns. You can colour and shade it also if you wish.

  Celtic Challenge 19B

Use the distructions below to draw you own Celtic Outline. You can go with the heart and teardrop shapes that I have used or come up with alternatives. Then decorate the design you have drawn however you wish.
I am discovering there are many different easy ways to draw Celtic Knots. 

This is another option.

This Celtic Four Leaf Glover was drawn, starting with a cross. You need to draw the whole thing in pencil first, as there will be some lines that will need to be erased at the end. 

Mark about a third of the way out from the centre on each arm of the cross, as you can see below.

Draw a heart shape with an extension from the point of the heart toward the point of the next heart. Do not go all the way as you need the gap for the Celtic Weave.

The point of the heart starts on the mark a third of the way from the centre and the dip in the top of the heart is on the end of the line. Draw each side of the line the same to get a perfect heart.

Draw a second line parallel to the first to form one half of the heart.

Close the gap that has been left between each heart.

Draw the other half of the heart.

This is a nice design on its own. and if you want to use this to do your challenge this week then go ahead.

I have decided to add more detail and another weave to this pattern.

Draw a teardrop shape in the centre of each heart, with an extension like the heart, toward the bottom point of the next teardrop, stopping when you get to the inside edge of the heart.

Draw another parallel line around this tear drop to complete it.

Draw the rest of the parallel lines that link each teardrop shape.

As you can see there are some pencil lines that need to be erased, so that the weave looks complete and the quide lines are gone.

Your Celtic Four Leaf Clover is now ready to be drawn in ink and decorated with doodles, shaded and coloured if you wish.

You could do this same design using other shapes at the end of the cross, for example triangles, teardrops, diamonds, stars etc. You are only limited by your imagination. The centre shape could also have limitless options, so that you can do many different designs using these distructions.

Here is my finished design.

Decorating these Celtic Designs is limited by the type of patterns that fit into these small continuous spaces. I have a page I add to constantly with new Border and Edge Doodle Patterns. Feel free to use them any time.

I have used my doodle border pattern Teardrops to decorate around this design. The centre pattern is a new one called Going Down. The distructions are below.

Shading adds a lot to a design. It takes it from the flat look to the 2 dimensional realm. I will be adding a page this week with simple shading distructions for those who want to learn.



  1. Thanks Judy for inventing this nice new challenge. I hope you will find time to do lots of your own artwork even if you've had to cut down on the number of challenges. I'm looking forward to trying this one tomorrow (it's after midnight here in Germany). All the best for 2013.

  2. Glad to hear from you Faith. Can't wait to see what you do.

  3. Hi Judy! This is the first attempt. I didn't shade it, as the gel pen tends to smudge and I forgot to shade before applying it. I'll try another (maybe adapt the scheme a little - make it angular?) and post it as an update to the first one.

  4. To my very dear friend Judy. Take care of your husband, and yourself, so that you can post some more challenges this year. I really love them.
    In the meantime I can do some more Freestyle Knots, which I love to do, you know that :-)Hugs from Ninna in Sweden (brrrr...we have -8degrees C outside now)

  5. I love how u did this Judy it is amazing.