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Saturday, 24 August 2013




I decided to revisit The Rainbow Elephant website lately as I had not done a repeat pattern stack for ages and I love to do them. If you have not done one or seen Cindy's site it is well worth looking at. 

Here is the link to her article and video on how to do a Repeat Pattern Stack - http://www.rainbowelephant.com/repeat-pattern-stacks/

Instead of a Celtic Challenge or an online ATC Swap I decided to issue you with a Repeat Pattern Stack Challenge this time, and you have 4 weeks to do it, as I am very busy at present and am limited for time to issue challenges. 

My challenge to you is to pick a recognisable shape or shapes and use them to create your stack. Something from nature would be great. Also you can colour and doodle them to decorate. 

Here are three I did recently:

This is a leaf stack. If you look closely most of the leaves look almost the same. I used a stencil here to create my leaves and little gumnuts.

This Shell Stack or Underwater Stack was also created with shell and fish stencils.

My Heart Stack I drew myself.

You have the choice to post them on the Mr Linky below or email them to me and I will post them below this article. If you email them to me expect that people may copy them from my site like they do with the ATC Swap.

If you wish to email your Stacks to me send them to this email address: atcswapwithjudy@gmail.com


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