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ATC Online Swap 2 - Circles and Straignt Lines

ATC Online Swap 2
Circles and Straight Lines

Hi all. I am sorry I have not posted for a while. I had not been too well and neither has my husband who I am carer for. So I have not had the time to organize Swaps or Celtic Challenges.

I have been asked by Anglicare who helps me with my husbands care, to come to a new group they have organised called the 'Cow Club'. Cow stands for Crafty Old Women. I think is a great name and typically Australian humor for those who are reading this and are not Australian.

They have asked me to introduce Creative Doodling to the group. I am going to start them doing their own ATC's and show them a few patterns they can use. I hope to take photos and post them with this swap.

Swap 1 produced some great results with some people putting in multiple ATC's. I got some great ideas from their work and I hope you all enjoyed what was produced. Thank you those who participated for inspiring me with your artwork.

So for your swap this time. I would like you to draw some circles, semi circles or straight lines through your card. You do not have to use all of these, any combination will do to come up with your basic pattern. Once you are happy with your outline, then decorate it. 

Below is a couple of cards I have done previously. I am not drawing outlines this time as these are very simple patterns to give you the idea. I would like to see you come up with some designs of your own. Shading and colouring is optional.


Below is the information you will need if you wish to participate in this swap.

Trading Card Size
An Artist Trading Card is 2.5" x 3.5" or 64mm x 89mm.

How to swap for "FREE".
I propose to set up the opportunity for people to email their finished work to me. I will post it onto my blog so that others can admire it, and copy it, if they wish. Do not send anything if you are not prepared for others to copy and paste to their computer to print out for themselves.

How to copy and save an image from this site.
A. Copy
1. To copy to Pictures, Word, or Publisher, right click on the image.
2. Click Copy image.
3. Open your chosen destination.
4. Right click mouse and choose paste.
5. Save or print the picture. 

B. Save image as
1. Right Click on image.
2. Choose Save image as
3. Click on Picture on the left side of screen to open.
4. Choose a folder if you want to and open it.
5. Enter a File name or accept the default one
6. Choose a Save as type or accept the default one.
7. Click save.

Name you ATC's
Please ensure you put your name in the email so that other will know who did the artwork. You can also put where in the world you are from as an added interest if you wish.

ATC Swap Email Address:
I will load your work onto this post as I receive it, for others to view and copy. To have it posted you need to send it to

Please send your design in jpeg or png format as I am no expert is using different formats and find these easy to upload to blogger.

ATC's sent for this Swap

Mildred Galliher sent:

Karen Wesseling sent:

Sue Smith sent:

Marie-noelle Glas from France sent:

Marie has called this design "8 Balls"

Dorothy Allison sent:


Efie van Rekum-Derksen from Holland sent:

The Cow Club (Crafty Old Women) met for the first time today. I introduced them to Creative Doodling and our ATC Swap. Here is a picture of some of the ladies and their cards.

I think they did quite well for their very first attempt at Doodling ever.


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  1. I love the name Crafty Old Women - excellent!