Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Neo Alphabet Distructions

Neo Alphabet

Draw an outline in pencil of the letter you intend to decorate.

In pen draw a wavy outline of the letter. As you can see by the diagram below, draw a second wavy line that meets the first wavy outline on the corners.

Erase your original pencil lines and add your scrolls.

 Your Neo Alphabet Letter is now ready to colour and decorate with doodle patterns if you wish.

My finished sample is at the top of this page. I only chose to add colour this time.

If you would like to use whole alphabets in a project I have  complete outlines in my book "Creative Doodling with Judy A 2 Z". There are a number of Alphabets with their corresponding numbers form 0-9 as well as borders, words and frames to match. There a  many new doodle patterns included also to use in decorating these Alphabet Outlines.

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