Friday, 7 December 2012

Celtic Challenge 17

Celtic Challenge 17

I have been a bit under the weather this week. Got a dose of the flu and have not stopped coughing all week. I managed to find my creativity this afternoon thank goodness. So your challenge is ready.

Last week we used one continuous line to create a celtic knot pattern. This week I challenge you to use two or more continuous lines that over lap and then weave a couple more lines throught the shapes you created. It can be a bit tricky to get the celtic weave so go carefully.

Below is my finished design. I can't help but use Christmas again as the theme.

First draw two or more shapes overlapping each other.

 Then add two or more lines weaving through the shapes.

Next create your celtic weave. You can refer to my 'How to Design Celtic Knots' page for distructions for this step.

Your design in now ready for doodle patterns and colour if you wish.

I added some words to my design also. I think if would be a nice design for the front of a card.

The distructions for the patterns I used to decorate Celtic Challenge 17 are below:







  1. Judy thanks so much for the blog reward.But at this time I can not except.I am in recovery for a total knee replacement.Maybe next time thank you for considering me.

  2. I loved your site as I like to doodle as well and have only recently started posting my doodles on my blog. Check them out at

  3. Thanks for this one, Judy. Hope you are feeling better. I chickened out of last week's challenge, but I've tried this week's and but for one error, I think the knots are correct. I did my own drawing as my learning curve is better served that way (my Celtic learning curve is extremely steep) and there is at least one error, but I'll do another version and hope to get it right!

  4. Where are all the participants

  5. I am wondering if my Challenges seem too hard, or are they just not interested in another challenge?