Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Beenleigh Library Display

Beenleigh Library Display
 I set up my first public display for Creative Doodling at my local library today. I hope I get a good response. The library had never heard of Creative Doodling or Zentangles or anything similar. 

They were very interested and even got some books in for me to add to the display and also have something to loan people who are interested.

The pictures below show you the left, front and right side of the finished display cabinet.

On the top shelf the center picture frame, is an explanation of what creative doodling is. There is also framed pictures, some cards, canvas shoes, a ceramic cup and two heart shaped cardboard boxes that have some napkin art and doodling on them. 

The second shelf shows pictures, cards and some display book covers that have been doodled.

The third shelf has basic instructions in the silver frame in the middle. To the right is a scrapbooking page and some of my Wiggly Alphabet. In the middle at he back is two T-Shirts that have creative doodling pictures painted on them.To the left are some Artists Trading Cards, a Card and some Creatively Doodled words.

The bottom shelf at the center front has information about my contact details for classes. There are 3 framed prints, two zentangle books from the library, two gift tags, two key chains and one necklace, and assorted doodles on A5 Watercolour Paper.

I also made some small signs to lay beside or on top of some of the items explaining what they were. Just to give people the ideas of the variety of crafts that could use the skill of creative doodling.

I showed this display for anyone who is thinking of doing classes and has the opportunity of displaying their work to advertise. 

I hope this has been helpful. 

One of the librarians at Beenleigh was so impressed with the display and with Creative Doodling that she suggested I contact other libraries as they may be interested in me displaying my work there also.



  1. A library is a beautiful place to display your art, which is also very beautiful. Congratulations!

  2. This is beautiful, judy! I wish I could see it in person!

  3. Very good idea and wonderful work.
    When I have shown my zentangles and doodles anybody has never heard about these teknics before. My library has this kind of shelvs, too, maybe I....

  4. Oh wauw! This is a great way to show your art.